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The BEST Glute Exercise You Aren’t Doing

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Coaching for almost 30 years I can tell you something VERY important, you simply don’t have time and energy to do EVERYTHING. I say this because sometimes people get upset when I don’t recommend a popular training method, exercise, or coaching cue. It isn’t necessarily because you will die doing it or that a part of your body will fall off tomorrow. For me, the job of a coach is to find the MOST productive ways to accomplish a goal.

Often there are many goals that have to be addressed at once, teaching better movement skills, greater stability/mobility, and building strength. That is why many of the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag drills we teach are so important, we can accomplish SO much at once. A great example is an exercise that is not ONLY probably one of the best glute exercises, but also teaches how to hip hinge more effectively, use the core to stabilize, and how to lift with the feet and not the low back.

glute exercise

Yes, our Front Loaded Good Morning is a highly underrated exercise. Most people really don’t understand what makes it so powerful. The easiest thing to see is that we change the placement of the weight from the barbell on the back to our Front Loaded position. This takes away the long lever arm that aggravates many low backs and not only spares our low backs, but also helps us increase our core stability.

The really overlooked aspect is the core integration we get in the Front Loaded Good Morning that makes it such a better glute exercise. You see, not only does engaging the core by pulling the Ultimate Sandbag in and apart on our body get our glutes to become active, it activates the Posterior Oblique Sling (the glute connection to the core and opposing lats).

This connection allows our glutes to be stronger, stabilize our spine during movement better, and overall increases the effectiveness of any glute exercise. If you haven’t heard of this chain before it is because much of the industry is still of the bodybuilding approach to training which is isolated. However, the research on the importance of the Posterior Oblique Sling is substantial!

glute exercise

As Coach Cory Cripe and Megan Berner show too, the Front Loaded Good Morning is not only an amazing glute exercise, but way to teach better hip hinges too. In fact, it works better and faster than many popular coaching methods that as fun as Cory and Megan are having in this video, doesn’t work nearly as well as many people would have you believe.

Finally, the Front Loaded Good Morning gives us SOOOO many ways to progress. As Strength Coach, Martin Adame shows, we have many options in the directions we can move to stimulate greater core and glute training. Think of these progressions as super charging your core and glute exercise.

And Cory shows how far we can go in even taking these Front Loaded Good Mornings to really advanced single leg deadlift progressions. These aren’t just more difficult, they raise what a glute exercise can be because we not only get amazing foot stability, knee strengthening, but also thoracic mobility too. You see that if we understand that how much can be achieved by looking at the MOST efficient way of achieving goals we can accomplish so much more in our training!

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