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The Best Power Exercise For Glute Training & Core Strength

sandbag training

When it comes to glute training and core strength, power exercises usually don’t pop into people’s minds. It’s too bad because that is where the REALLY great work for glute training and core strength happen! The glutes are part of the posterior chain (along with the hamstrings, calves, and low back) that helps us generate great power when we run, jump, and perform many dynamic actions.

Core strength is also a big part of power training. As this 2015 paper in the Journal Of Strength & Conditioning explains..

“Because of its size and capacity to become rigid, the core serves as an anchor of sorts for the limbs— especially the upper extremities. In most athletic situations, the hip musculature generates the majority of power. The power is transferred upward through the linkage to the arms through a “stiffened” core. Stiffness is the essential pre- cursor to stability and the efficient transfer of forces, together with being one of the keys to injury prevention”

Throwing a ball is a great example of how good glute training and core strength helps us be real world strong. 

While there are many exercises that we use as a foundation to good power training, I want to highlight where we can go with our training to really achieve some amazing glute training and core strength. This comes when we add a lunge to our training, lunges not only have strong power elements in acceleration and deceleration, but also due to the instability of the position, they really emphasize both glute training and core strength. That is why lunges play a big part of what we do in DVRT. Here are some great examples.

Kettlebells establish a good foundation as we have great ways to progress not just weight, but how we use the different kettlebells. Once we get good at the kettlebell lunge clean we start to use our Ultimate Sandbag MAX lunge clean. In both cases, being able to decelerate the weight is the toughest part, but that brings us huge glute training, injury prevention work, and core strength training.

Coach Cory Cripe and Megan Berner help show how to get it right and how to avoid some common mistakes.

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