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The Best Real World Strength Exercise

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It is one of the most interesting conversations we hear at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Ask the average fitness person if “sandbag training” is good and they will give you a definitive “HELL YEA!” Ask why and chances are they are going to tell you because they teach you to lift like you would in the real world. 

Hey, I can’t argue or say such an idea is a bad thing at all! In fact, that is our goal and why we say DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is about “Bringing Strength to Life.” However, what you have to ask yourself is, “how?” 

A great example is Shouldering. Probably the most classic of “sandbag exercises”, yet the exercise most commonly done WRONG!!!


Paul Roberts and the coaches over at the renown Gym Jones, know how to do it right!


I almost feel to blame to be honest. The beauty of Shouldering is that it teaches you how to lift an odd object. It is one of the best representations of an unstable, non-cooperative, implement and having to have beautiful body integration to make lifting it seamless. 

When we put handles on the Ultimate Sandbag people rightfully thought they were to be used in everything we do in Ultimate Sandbag Training. The reality was they allow us to layer progression and open up the playbook on what could be done with sandbags. The goal of making the Ultimate Sandbag the way we have was to also grab onto the Ultimate Sandbag itself!

I think that is what people really love, it taps into something so primal and deep. However, it is the thing that throws people for a big loop too! We are so use to grabbing onto handles for everything we forgot how to fundamentally lift real world things! 

That is why I wanted to take time to address people the proper way to perform Shouldering. Like many of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills it isn’t overly complicated, but there ARE nuances that make it a powerful exercise or an accident waiting to happen! 

Check out how Jessica and I break it down and how you can use it in your real world strength exercise programs.