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The Best Travel Workout Out There?

sandbag training

I am a big believer that necessity does breed innovation. That is what happened to us about 8 years ago. At that time I found myself traveling to teach our DVRT programs A LOT as well as we were doing quite a bit of work with the U.S. military. In both cases, it became obvious that the need to create better travel workout solutions was important!

The military loved the work we were doing, but had people stationed in places around the world that couldn’t get sand. Interestingly enough, even though I was going to our DVRT programs, I didn’t have anything in my hotel room to train with either. Getting sand was an issue in both cases and we thought to ourselves, “what would be the solution?” It didn’t take long to start playing with the idea of water.

sandbag training

The idea of actually having access to weight as one traveled was really motivating to us. So many times, when it comes to travel workouts, people only have the options of bodyweight and bands. Not bad options, but wouldn’t be WAY better if we could actually keep building strength through using some weight?!

That was really the push we needed and that is where our initial DVRT water bags came in as an incredible travel workout tool. As we began to work with our prototypes, it became obvious that this would be an amazing solution to staying on our training goals even though we were going to have few times we could be in the gym. The idea of reinventing what a travel workout could be started to change everything!

DVRT Master, Cory Cripe, took our idea of a travel workout to all new heights as he went hiking on  Red Rock here in Las Vegas!

The more and more we worked with our DVRT water bags, the more we saw an opportunity to expand our system. The additional instability of the water bags gave us another layer to challenge movement and strength at the same time.

There are a few ways that we started to see the DVRT water bags as not only as a great travel workout, but a solution to additional training goals.

Feedback: The shifting of water is more dramatic than sand. That is why sand is typically our foundation, but we can use water to really challenge our movement and get feedback from the water.

Using the DVRT water bags during lateral snatches not only forces us to quickly brace through the core and create a proper lockout in the upper body, but we must engage everything from the feet up to resist the lateral movement of the water and it wanting to pull us back. 

Accuracy: A functional fitness quality we don’t often talk about in our industry. Being able to move with great efficiency and accuracy is what we want in our strength training. That is where all the benefits of an exercise comes from, but how can we challenge our accuracy? The instability of our DVRT water bags will really make sure we are creating tension against the handles, using our lats, bracing our core, and using our feet like in this MAX Lunge by Cory.

Greater Metabolic Response: While we often think of HIIT workouts and conditioning being how fast we can move or jumping around, some of the best work can be done just having to integrate all our muscles from head to toe in a synergistic manner. Using some slight instability of our body position and the movement of our water bag helps make any type of workout into a real strength and conditioning program.

I like to think that our DVRT water bags are not only the best travel workout tool because they literally ONLY need a faucet, but because of all you can accomplish as well. They also are representative of what we think of with DVRT which is giving the best solutions to your fitness goals possible!

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