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The Best Way to Get Stronger, Failure

How Failure Gives Us Strength-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

When I was young I was quite awkward, incredibly shy, overweight, and very self-conscious. In other words, I was probably a lot like a lot of young people! My parents thought maybe doing something like putting me in karate would help a lot of these issues.

I was nervous, I mean who feels confident when you are pretty sure you are going to fail? Fortunately, my older brother was signed-up as well and by himself made me probably stay three times as long as I would have on my own.

Being in those situations is tough, doing things you don’t think you can, being super self-conscious in how others might be seeing you, and overall feeling like a dumbass every time you can’t do something that everyone else can. These times test us, they let us know what we are made of and what we can do.

Sounds inspiring right? Well, I’ll be honest, I quit! Yes, I quit karate, I didn’t push myself, I didn’t take the challenge that was put in front of me.

That sucks! Sorry, no two ways to put it. I went back into my personal shell and it would be years till I was posed with a similar challenge. Years, quite a few, went by where that simple choice as a kid impacted me.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why on one hand we want to do great things, we want success, and yet, when that time comes to find out what we are made of we sometimes just can’t make that leap?

As I became a fitness coach I started to see why. Most of us just don’t like failure. Duh! Well, my obvious statement isn’t as obvious as you may think. No one enjoy failure, but every time we don’t do well, every time we don’t achieve our goals we are offered a choice.

Learn from our mistakes, dedicate ourselves to a goal and nail it, or say this or that is stupid, climb back into our shells, and take our ball home.

No matter how much those around us try to put us in a position of success, inevitably all of us will face this choice. Anything worth having is going to challenge us and probably at times make us feel very uncomfortable.

It makes me think a lot of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training program. People hear and see all the crazy results people get, but when they try it, they aren’t the experts they may expected themselves to be. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is humbling, not be design though. It actually is a program to provide and put me in a position to succeed. Ultimately we all run into something we are not good at!

The easiest is our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Clean and Press test. It has been fascinating to watch it this past year, so many lessons learned. People don’t know that just about everyone has failed the Clean and Press test, yours truly included.

Failure is an interesting thing, what do you do when you don’t achieve your goal? I knew the importance of this standard, not just to my own fitness, but to the program overall. What it meant to be a teacher, coach, and example of what fitness can teach us beyond pounds, reps, and sets.

Achieving something that doesn’t come easy is a really special feeling. More than anything because it is not something someone can give you. Just passing something I knew for myself was challenging was a really awesome feeling, an experience I know I could build on for other things.

In our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training educational programs we get people that apologize for performing a bad repetition. I often ask them, “do you know why it was bad? did you focus? do you know how not to repeat it?” If so, then a mistake and “failed” rep is just a learning experience. It actually makes us better, not worse.

I was super excited to see someone else go through this very process themself. DVRT Certified instrutor, Adrian Robles, actually failed his Clean and Press test when he attended our Seattle certification. Adrian was quite disappointed as he ensured me he had worked on it well before, he didn’t know what happened.

There was a choice in front of Adrian, he could have said, “screw it”, and never tried again, or take the lessons, instruction, and ideas he got from the weekend and reapply himself. It didn’t take long and we got a video from Adrian nailing his Clean and Press test.

See what Adrian’s hard work allows him to do, great work with excellent technique!

In many ways all of us get far more out of these experiences than strength, weight loss, or anything just physical.

That is why I am proud of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and the people that use it to help themselves and so many others. It challenges you not just physically, but what is deep inside too. Can you learn, can you practice, can you see the small improvements as something really significant? 

If you can, then trust me when I tell you that you are well ahead of most. So many people don’t reach where they really want to be because they never ask more of themselves. It is unfortunate, but failure, challenges, they aren’t our weaknesses, but opportunities to build strength!

We want to see YOU achieve great things, that is why we have so many DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs for different goals.Check them out HERE!

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