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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Stability & Strength!

Strength and movement, they seem like they should go hand in hand, but often times they seem at odds. Sure, the “movement” based crowd believes they are making people stronger, but in a very different way as we often think of strength. The strength peeps will have you believe this is the only key in helping people to move better. The reality is there is a lot that both parties could learn from each other. I KNOW these Ultimate Sandbag exercises will go a long way in making you a believer this is possible!

Our strength training should involve progressions of real more complex movements and our movement training should possess loading to make us more efficient. This probably wouldn’t be anything that any rationale person would argue, so really the question becomes HOW!

This is the beauty of many of our Ultimate Sandbag exercises, especially with the emphasis on the Sprinter Stance work. You don’t want to become a graduate of Youtube university, seeing a cool looking drill that you use once or twice and never realizing it is the product of something MUCH bigger! 

sandbag exercises

The Sprinter Stance allows us to add progressive instability which creates a better environment where we can see how just a little instability impacts our ability to create strength and maintain our posture. Our goal is that no matter the environment we develop we can have great strength and stability. However, many people do this WAY too fast! 

Building a high level of proficiency in the Sprinter Stance allows us to add layers to our training. We begin to add stepping, the most fundamental of all human movements, to our strength training. Yet again, how we introduce it is of the utmost importance. 

We often forget that our body is designed for far more complex movement out of the gym than we often do ever in the gym. Using these Ultimate Sandbag exercises and kettlebells with the Sprinter Stance allow you to bridge better movement based training while still getting strong!  

sandbag exercises

These strategies and Ultimate Sandbag exercises are meant to show you how easy it is to perform smarter based training. That progressive and more sophisticated movement and fitness doesn’t have to be overly complex but interesting, applicable, and fun!

In amazingly subtle, yet powerful ways, we start to see the holes in our strength and movement skills. That is why we say that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises are such a great tool to develop real world strength. The type that makes you move, perform, and live better. So, take time to watch these progressions, make them a priority in your own training and see how fast your strength and movement training can really accelerate! 

Best part, it is purposeful variety which leads to long term success!

Don’t miss the chance to learn more about how the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system can change your life. Check out our upcoming programs HERE