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The BIG Challenge Ultimate Sandbag Training

sandbag workouts

Last week I shared with you the beginnings of the Ultimate Sandbag Training “Decade” workout challenge. Did you try even the first part yet? Did you dare try the ten sets of descending sets with our Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Press? If you didn’t, you are missing a lot about Ultimate Sandbag Training beyond just a really great exercise and workout. 

What is part two in the Ultimate Sandbag Training “Decade” workout? The second Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise is the MAX Lunge. No, not the same Rotational Lunge that you might be more familiar with in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system. Typically we see the MAX Lunge being used as predominately a conditioning exercise. It is a heck of an Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise for fat loss and fitness, but it has more levels than just high repetition, high speed.

sandbag workouts

Like most things in Ultimate Sandbag Training, there can be many layers and options in performing an exercise. In the MAX Lunge, it maybe one of the top five most powerful drills in the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system. Some may look at is as just another lunge? Far from! The Ultimate Sandbag Training MAX Lunge challenges the entire body in a way most people have never trained!

Usually when we strength train, the weight moves up and down our body in a relatively predictable pattern. For those that have tried more unstable Ultimate Sandbag Training, you know that this does change when you are lifting shifting Ultimate Sandbags. However, that is just one way to challenge the body.

The Ultimate Sandbag Training Difference!

Changing where the weight moves from gets a lot more muscles active than when it just moves up and down the body. Remember, when most people try to get you to work more muscles or work harder, they just try to stack on the weight. The problem is that people tend to plateau really fast and go back to their eternal search in finding the “magical exercises”. The truth is the problem stems from the way people approach most exercises. The lunge itself is one of the most powerful exercises that one can perform. This is due to the fact we take a lot of the back issues out of the equation that we see in squatting and really hit those legs hard. After all, why do you think guys hate lunges so much!

Lunges also have the great capacity of building hip flexibility that can reduce back pain as well as the stability and balance needed. When your body has to stabilize and move, you see both the heart rate jump up and the muscles work harder. The obvious question is “if lunges are so great, then why doesn’t every one do them more!”


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We have progressions to our MAX lunge as Coach Satre shows

Well, from a guy perspective that is pretty easy. In our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system, we are constantly indirectly teaching people how to move better. Whether it is with Ultimate Sandbag Training drills such as Bear Hug Squats, Sliding Deadlifts, and a ton of lunge variations! Guys, we don’t move well from the hips. Who cares? If you can’t move from the hips, you just can’t be strong. As a guy, we are often guilty of neglecting exercises we feel we can’t stack on the weight. However, we SHOULD be able to use some really good weights when performing these Ultimate Sandbag Training lunge variations. The fact we CAN’T means we are losing a lot of strength in all exercises we perform.

Ladies, ladies, ladies, unfortunately you get hit probably with more bad fitness information than guys! I can’t tell you the last time that I read really great fitness information for women in a fitness magazine (don’t question me reading women’s magazines!). The truth is women are usually regulated to walking lunges, not sure why trainers think this is such a magical exercise, but the Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Lunge is going to offer you a better result and more varieties! One of the biggest benefits of the Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Lunge is that you activate more of the hip muscles than you do even with those mystical walking lunges.

I think it is pretty obvious no matter your fitness goal or gender, the Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Lunge is going to be on your exercise menu. Especially for the Ultimate Sandbag Training “Decade” workout. The goal is to use the SAME weight in your MAX Lunge that you do for your Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Press. Of course, if this is pretty heavy for you, this means slowing the exercise down. When you make the Rotational Lunge a STRENGTH exercise, you will feel muscles you didn’t even know you had! Of course, what do you do if your Ultimate Sandbags are on the lighter side? You will find the answer in today’s Ultimate Sandbag Training video lesson above!

So, what is the Decade Workout?

Set 1a: 10 Clean and Presses

take 10 deep breathes

Set 1b: 10 Rotational Lunge each side

take 10 deep breathes

Set 2a: 9 Clean and Presses

take 9 deep breathes

Sets 2b: 9 Rotational Lunges each side

take 9 deep breathes.

Continue all the way down to a set of 1 repetition each side. You will notice that as you move through this Ultimate Sandbag Training workout you get less rest as the repetitions get less. Now, stop reading and go try the Decade workout! Don’t miss our DVRT workouts for 30% off from year long programs to follow along workouts. You can get them here 30% off with code “follow” HERE