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The Biggest Problem Solved!

The Biggest Problem Solved-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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It seems like it is the biggest problem when it comes to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. “How do I make the weight just a little bit heavier or lighter?” I’ll be honest, we rarely change the actual weight of our Ultimate Sandbags from day to day. No, we don’t have a million Ultimate Sandbags either. In fact, I like to have a lighter and heavier Burly, Strength, and Power Ultimate Sandbag along with one Core Ultimate Sandbag. That may sound like a lot but I have almost three times as many kettlebells due to the different weights. Most people have the similar situations with dumbbells so, it really depends on you and your goals. 

A picture like this would get many people excited so a picture like the one below should not be that hard to imagine!

ultimate sandbag training




Now, telling you this IS NOT what my solution is for maybe the most common question we receive at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Why don’t we change the weights a lot? I mean we have the filler bags to do so, but changing each filler bag by 5 or ten pounds workout to workout kinda sucks. Using 5 pound mini bags doesn’t work either as it makes the Ultimate Sandbag move horribly. What do we do? We use a strategy that is super simple and allows us to maximize what the Ultimate Sandbag does so well which is move!

Enter the Sprinter’s Stance (staggered). The Sprinter’s Stance is simply moving one foot so we develop a heel to toe relationship with our feet. Yea, crazy right?! However, this VERY simple move gives us a change in body position that make our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills feel brand new! The Sprinter’s Stance can be used for so many different DVRT drills. 






and many more! 

The great part of the Sprinter’s Stance is that it produces a slight bit of instability so you can see where some of your strength has been hiding. In other words, it makes you stronger even though the amount of weight you are using hasn’t changed. If this seems foreign to you, don’t worry, you have actually done it before. 

ultimate sandbag training

How? When you moved your feet a bit closer on push-ups, when you bend or straighten your legs or leg lowering drills, yes, many times in body weight training we use the technique of mild changes in body position to make an exercise more challenging. So, the Sprinter’s Stance allows us to do the same to external load training. 

Try it, think you have a DVRT drill down no problem but don’t want to change the weight? Simply move to a Sprinter’s Stance and see how this creates brand new results to your training!

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