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The Easiest Way to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Does Moving Better Really Mean Anything? DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout Program Concepts

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When was last time someone asked you "how well do you move?"

When was last time someone asked you “how well do you move?”

When was the last time walking down the street, or at a dinner party, “wow, your movement is really looking great!” Yea, it doesn’t happen.

The truth is that most people workout to look better and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Improving our fitness to improve how we look helps build confidence, motivation, and consistency.

Some people like to down play the role of looking better has on successful training. I think anything that motivates you to develop a healthier lifestyle is a big positive. The only issue is if this becomes the ONLY means of you judging if you are making progress in your training.

Even the BEST fitness program doesn’t result in huge linear changes in your physique. That is why complimenting your cosmetic goals with performance goals helps can really help you stay on track.

Seeing yourself get a bit better in your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs gives you more insight to your path of success than pounds on the scale.

So, how in the world does learning to move better really help you towards either goal?

Learning to move better makes even DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs more fun. It really isn’t fun feeling as though you are struggling just to survive every exercise. The feeling of being able to move freely makes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs a heck of a lot more enjoyable!

Okay, enjoyment is important, but how does it relate to you getting results?! The better you move, the more you can hit the RIGHT muscles in your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs. Why do so many people develop low back and knee problems? Largely this is due to the fact they don’t move well and overload the wrong structures in the body.

I’ve seen it a million times! For example, I see people with tight shoulders or thoracic spines unable to press the Ultimate Sandbag over the crown of the head. They feel excessive tension in their shoulders because they can’t the USB in the right position! By working through some of our DVRT shoulder specific drills and all of a sudden they can get the USB in the right position there is no more tension in the shoulders!

Bear Hug Sandbag Squat

One of the best way to solve knee problems is the DVRT Bear Hug Sqsuat

How about knees? People are often AMAZED during our DVRT courses how we completely remove knee pain in common exercises like squats and lunges. Why? We teach them how to move correctly and we get them to move better! Simple fact, if you move better you experience less pain, your desire to actually perform any DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout program is going to go through the roof!

No pain means you can lift heavier USBs, train harder during your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs, and perform more complex DVRT drills. Does that equal results though?

Obviously if you can start developing better strength, recover faster from your training, and work towards more advanced drills, your results are going to improve.

Does that mean you have to stop using challenging DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs? Absolutely NOT! That is the whole point!

Most people think we are trying to get them to use sandbags or our USBs, that really isn’t the case, we want you to understand a system of fitness that can deliver awesome results in so many different facets of fitness.

One of my favorite examples is our Rotational Lunge. I’ve had so many really good fitness professionals come up to me and say they love the drill, but their clients just aren’t able to perform it well so they can’t use the exercise. I am often left scratching my head as I’ve taught 60 and 70 year old people some form of the Rotational Lunge.

Then it hits me, people are focusing on exercises and not progression and the DVRT system. Just because you are using a USB doesn’t mean you are actually following our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout program. People are missing so many of the progressions that teach them how to move better, more efficiently, and build the foundational strength to perform more complex DVRT drills.

Our goal with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs is to teach foundational movement skills and then to keep challenging those skills! Not just by adding weight, but altering stability which in the end gives you a much more powerful result.

In order to illustrate this point, I wanted to share a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout program with you that lays these foundations and teaches your body how to move better. You will feel challenged, but also find that this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout program begins to strengthen the RIGHT muscles, teaches you how to move without pain, and identify those weak links so you can get stronger and more fit faster than you ever experienced. Not just a promise, but a guarantee.

Ultimate sandbag workout

Shauna Sevon’s 60 year old client dominates a Strength USB

Don’t believe me? Listen to what our DVRT Master Instructor, Shauna Sevon, has done with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs for her 60 year old client…

“I constantly have people telling me that they are too old to workout. One of our members, Jan, is 60 and keeps up with everyone half her age. She had plateaued with traditional strength training/cardio workouts, but within a few short months after switching to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag training, her body fat went down 10% and she lost two dress sizes. She’s now stronger, has more energy, and overall feels better.”

 Try this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout program for yourself!

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