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The Fast Way to Save Your Back!

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I love it and sadly we don’t get enough of it! That is questions from you guys on how you can use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to get the most out of your training. After all, our goal isn’t to teach you “sandbags’, but rather how to move, perform, feel, and be better at anything you want!

So, we have tried on some of our Facebook to ask you guys what are YOUR biggest questions. I love this one that came in from one of our DVRT certified coaches…..

“What do you do when you try all the DVRT progressions and you still can’t teach someone to hip hinge well?!” 

Now, if you aren’t familiar, the hip hinge is a natural pattern we use in order to place emphasis on our glutes and hamstrings rather than our low back. Due to our lifestyle, most of us don’t know HOW to hip hinge and that often results in a lot of bad lifting technique in every day life. 


If we understand that many of our bodies have forgotten how to hip hinge then we need to use specific tools to teach it how to use its natural movement once again. How do you do that though when basically your body has forgotten?

One of the things I have really learned to appreciate to even a higher degree after my back surgeries was how valuable feedback is to the body. It is na obvious thing, but so many of us think there is a magical exercise that fixes things. Yet, the magic comes in using simple strategies to create BIG time results!

How do we use feedback as a means of teaching this very valuable movement pattern? I take you to my go to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise, the Front Loaded Good Morning. Not just this awesome DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drill, but with a little twist. We are going to attach a band to it!

The Front Loaded Good Morning itself is an amazing and often underutilized exercise. Done correctly we teach the vital concept of core bracing and how to integrate the lats with the hip hinge movement. You can quickly see compensation and weaknesses with this outwardly simple looking drill. 

The band comes to play an important role in this drill. It job is relatively simple, the results are pretty darn cool. The band offers feedback, trying to pull you forward. What does the body have to do in response? You guessed it, hip hinge back! The band actually directs you into the correct movement and helps the lifter find where you are wanting to go. 

Here are other two cool points. A big one is the fact due to the pool of the band your feet really engage the ground. The difference of lifting with your feet or your back is your feet using the ground!

The other great benefit is that you have to pull the weight HARDER into your body. That means greater lat and core activation which is an essential foundation to a strong and safe hip hinge. I know this personally as I had to use this same strategy post-surgery to help my body to learn to work again after three spinal surgeries!! That is why I KNOW this works, what I have seen in my movement, health, and well being all started here. 

Check out today’s video to see how we perform this awesome DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise and how it can be the perfect solution for a very common fitness problem. 

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