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The Four Underdog Exercises

The Four Underdog Exercises-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Everyone L-O-V-E-S the underdog.

As matter of fact if you don’t you just might be unfreaking ‘Merican.

Let me get INS on the line, just kidding.

But, really we we are born and bread underdogs, Boston Tea Party anyone?

No matter when your kin arrived in this great country, being an underdog is part of your soul. So you still don’t love underdogs, eh?

Wait til the end I’ve got a video about an underdog that will make your cold heart, melt. I’ve loves sports, so even though it pained me greatly (Roll Tide) to see it watching ‘The Ohio State University’ win last Thursday, was awesome.

Don’t like sports ever heard of another ‘wee little underdog from the shire. Yep you guessed it good ‘ol Bilbo Baggins.

So what the hell does this have to do with Ultimate Sandbag Training and DVRT? Well, simple.

In the world of DVRT there are some movements that are the “stars” like

  • Rotational Lunge
  • Around the World
  • Clean & Press
  • ANYTHING Staggered Position, Etc…

Then there are the underdogs or if you will underrated. The exercises that have a lot bang but don’t get much attention.

So without any more banter let me introduce you to my Top 4 Underdog DVRT drills, in no particular order. 

1. Shucking – This one is kind of my baby as its an old wrestling term. The greatness of this drill is that teach acceleration/deceleration in the front plane. As I explained it to my 70 yr old client the other day it will keep her from walking like a ‘robot’. It’s less demanding that the lateral lunge because don’t have to accel/decel the body too.

2. Front Loaded Good Morning – To be honest I used to hate this drill. This drill fixes some body crap really fast or at a minimum let’s you know you need to fix stuff. Mainly how to hip hinge and the linkage between upper and lower body (yea I get you deadlift, you probably cheat at it especially if you are ‘squatty’ deadlifter like ‘ol Bilbo). If you can’t do a front loaded good morning with a decent weight you have no biz doing kettlebell swings!

3. Bear Hug Clean & Squat – Yea I get this is two drills, by let me ‘splain why. Goes back to those older clients again. They are continually losing ROM and mobility we got to give them a fighting chance, pick something up and understanding how to is just as important as know how to get up off the ground; but we’ve got the squat covered too because you’ll be doing nice deep one with great body position to keep those ‘ol leg bones stronggggg. Whether its carrying grocceries, get out of ‘low’ chair, or heaven forbid have to drag a spouse to safety this dynamic duo is bad ass. By way if you aren’t so old, this a great introduction to the clean & press and with the squat it will have you legs powerful enough when you get ready to train the ‘tested’ lift.

4. Shouldering – I’d be down right traitor if I didn’t include this one, this a daily rite of passage on the farm. As a matter of fact it could be, hold you breathe, ‘primal’. I know I can picture ‘Cave Man’ lugging around some great carnivorist feast on his shoulder. How did it get there, not by magic. He stood over that beast and ‘powered’ that ‘bacon’ on to his shoulder to bring home to ‘Cave Mama’. Seriously though shouldering is great way to express power and highly applicable outside the gym. It needs to be done with intent and paying attention to your ‘end points’; not just throwing a dynamic weight around with no thought!

 So these are my top 4 DVRT underdog exercises.  As a life long underdog < slow, fat, weak, ugly, and bald> I’ve been a fan of the underdog all my life. Luckily for me where my college football coach and my wife, just kept me around ‘cause I didn’t eat too much and smell too bad. Either way I love underdogs. Oh yeah, I didn’t forget about all you cold hearted bastards, cry your eyes out suckers…..

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