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The Full Body Core Exercise That Rocks!

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When people ask me my favorite exercise I have to honestly say I don’t have one. No really! That is because when you really understand movement you have almost no limitations in how you can create fun, dynamic, and really powerful exercises. 

Today’s example is perfect! It is a drill that has so many elements that makes your body smarter, more mobile, and helps you quickly identify where your weaknesses lie. Imagine all these exercises rolled into one power packed exercise….


-Side Plank

-Half Kneeling Arc Press


With so many great parts you might think it is REALLY complicated, however, when you see how easily I break it down you will find it something you can do quite easily. It is perfect to start at the beginning of a workout to prep your body, you can use it for your core training, or you can do what I did the other day and use it as my active recovery workout. 

I performed three repetitions on the minute for 15 minutes. Man, I felt strong, loose, and actually good! It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective, especially for a manic Monday when sometimes the LAST thing you want is to make things crazy in your workout. 

Try it and see how your movement and strength hits another level!

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