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The iPod of Fitness

The IPod of Fitness-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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One of the best pieces advice I got about business some years ago was sometimes the best thing to do is to go outside your own industry. In fact, there is a great book called, “selling the invisible” that discusses how other businesses and industries have evolved by looking outside of the familiar. 

I think fitness can often benefit from the same idea. We get stuck in these odd credos that don’t make any sense, yet, they become rallying cries for both enthusiasts and professionals alike. A great example is the idea that has been circling of “everything works” and “a tool is just a tool.” 

This is not the first time I have mentioned my discontent for these silly sayings. In the past I have tried to give you the rock hard science of why this is not true, but today, I’d love to share with you a much simpler story. 

Now, why go down this road at all? Buying into these misleading statements keep people from actually growing. Not only in their fitness goals, but in their knowledge and personal growth as well. 

Ironically, most of these sayings are floating around on social media, a form of communication the public was not begging for or even knew was possible. Yet, it has become a standard part of our lives because it gives us the potential to share and communicate on such a higher level than we ever imagined. But, this is not my story, I wanted to share with you the story of the iPod. 

Not necessarily because I am a MAC junkie, okay a little bit, but more so the interesting lesson we can learn from technology that carries over to fitness. Steve Jobs and Apple had an interesting way of releasing the iPod. “1000 songs in your pocket” was part of the first announcement of the iPod. As you can imagine, there was both cheering and shock at the same time. 1000 songs?!!! That was crazy!

Many of us will remember our good friend the Walkman, heck, carried mine around all the time. I’d have it before basketball games, walking to school, or trying to drown out the news radio my Dad would play in the car. I thought my Walkman was awesome, I never saw a need for anything else. That’s the key, I didn’t see the need. What innovators do is they show you how things can be A LOT better. 

Once the iPod was released it wasn’t long before the Walkman became extinct. Now, if we followed the fitness mantra of “a tool is just a tool” and “everything works” we should still see that Walkman being used. However, everyone found out the iPod was sooooo much better that was no longer a need for the Walkman. 

A popular fitness expert I know had a similar experience in the gym. He had used stability balls for a long time, but once he learned how to really optimize suspension trainers, he no longer found a need for stability balls. You know what he did? He got rid of them! Now, whether you agree suspension trainers are better than stability balls, that is not really the point. You see leaders understand they don’t have to keep things that don’t give them an edge, that don’t make them better, that keep them from achieving the best result possible. 

Part of the reason I wanted to discuss this idea was also based upon yesterday’s post about “The Perfect Gym” (you can read here). I was really happy to have so many people reach out saying how relieved they were that I had a very similar set-up that they did. That it did cross their mind that MAYBE they were missing out, but in the end, if you really become a master of your craft you can quickly identify the best tools and the best methods. 

You can rest assure that we are going to continue to share with you the ways and reasons that we think DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training does that for YOU! Now, don’t become a sheep, be creative, be innovative, always think about how you can get better!