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Kettlebell and Ultimate Sandbag Synergy

One of the simple things I have prided ourselves with DVRT is NOT making our Ultimate Sandbag sound like could cure all alignments. Some may disagree, but just because I show (we do also pride ourselves on showing you not just asking you to believe us) that the Ultimate Sandbag is a powerhouse doesn’t mean we believe you won’t use any other tools. However, unlike many other places we also don’t just use other tools for variety, but with a greater purpose. Hence, enter the kettlebell and Ultimate Sandbag synergy!

Ironically, that was the name of a program that Troy Anderson and I did about six or seven years ago. We believed that independently these are great tools, but together they bring something truly special.

Still a great program by today’s standards, our constant goal of raising the bar in our DVRT programs has led us to some cool updates. 


I’ve told the story quite a few times, that actually going to my first kettlebell program in 2003 really inspired my desire to focus on movement rather than just weight, muscles, or really how most people look at training.

Of course that will lead to some kettlebell users saying, “why, my kettlebell training covers it all.” YES, kettlebell training with the right direction to it can be an amazing tool and our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training doesn’t take away from it, but actually can lead to another level!

Sure, I know that sounds like the typical internet marketing, but I’ve seen it happen time and time again. In fact, kettlebell expert, Joe Chalakee has long talked about the many benefits of adding DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to kettlebell work. Even in cases when both implements lend themselves to similar exercises. See how Coach Chalakee used a few simple concepts from the Ultimate Sandbag to help make kettlebell snatches better.

Don’t think it doesn’t work both ways either! One of the ways I help people learn the unique movement of our Ultimate Sandbag MAX Lunge is to use the kettlebell Tactical Lunge. Why? Keeping the load under our body rather than having it go around makes it where we start to learn to resist those lateral forces and improve both our strength and stability at the same time.


That is what I mean by kettlebell and Ultimate Sandbag synergy. The fact that one can feed into another movement and being able to determine the RIGHT tool for the right job. That is what effective fitness is about. In this last series you will see how again, layers allow us to create for better movement and progress. The whole point of sharing this with you is to show you that we can make our programs, workouts, and results BETTER if we appreciate the unique attributes our functional fitness tools allow us to achieve.