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Powerful Fat Loss Workouts with Ultimate Sandbag Training

sandbag exercises

Sandbag training, isn’t it my goal to get everyone to perform it? You would think based upon eight years of writing, lecturing, and teaching, what DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can accomplish, it would be my mission to get people to all perform our system. Yet, rarely, very rarely, do I speak about improving your fitness for the sake of “sandbag training”. I think more than ever people are searching for something to shoot for, some sense of accomplishment. After all DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is not easy and if you are going to work that hard, you better have SOMETHING to shoot for!

sandbag training

DVRT Master and Firefighter Captain, Jordan Ponder uses these programs to make him and his brothers and sisters in the department healthier, safer, and performing their best!

It may seem common sense that you would be using our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training for fat loss or getting learner, but to be honest, I think that goal is short sighted. Weight or fat loss is usually a lonely goal, you may get some of your friends or significant other to begrudgingly partake in this goal. However, unless you can find the right inspiration, I find purely cosmetic goals to stay motivated for the long run.

So, does that mean you should give up on your desire to get leaner? Of course not, however, I have found that people find some type of performance goal often do much better. What is a performance goal and what does DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training do to help the process? A performance goal can be something like a triathlon, obstacle race, powerlifting/Olympic lifting meet, strongman, or joining a recreation sports team. Why in the world in a day and age where time seems more limited, would this be a good idea?

Renown fitness expert, Rachel Cosgrove uses DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to help her excel in her obstacle course racing. 


The truth of the matter is that time is limited, but so is people’s attention. Are you likely to make time for training if you have something fun and exciting to work towards in 8-12 week? Can you get into your Ultimate Sandbag Training if you know you have an event coming? Are you less likely to make an excuse to not hit your Ultimate Sandbag Training workout if you know you don’t have 52 weeks, but maybe only six weeks left to your big day? For a lot of people shortening this time frame and having a specific event to work towards is a much better level of motivation.

Not only that, but most of the activities I mentioned can be done in a small group. Just about everyone does better with another person, you don’t need an army, but you will be surprised how just having at least one other person to train with does not only for discipline, but makes it so much more enjoyable as well!

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can be a simple program in of itself. A goal to strive to achieve some pretty impressive goals as DVRT Master, Cory Cripe (creator of DVRT Movement Strength) shows how you can aim just to hit 20 reps a side with a good sized Ultimate Sandbag can be a great workout!

Pick ONE! Yes, you can talk about it, but commit to yourself to something and make sure it is an activity you look forward to! It should be challenging, but within your capability. All of a sudden what you will start doing is seeing the impact of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Because you have a purpose, this will greatly give your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training direction and focus. Let’s look at one specific example.

No matter what I say, a lot of people still believe running is a great measure of their fitness. I do get it though, running requires minimal equipment and can be done just about anywhere. I think that is one reason we have seen a rise in things like urban obstacle races. Anyways, a lot of people think the best way to get fit for any sport where running is involved is to well, run! Even sports like wrestling and boxing, there is a long history of athletes spending time running. However, tradition doesn’t always blend with logic.

Is running important if you are going to perform some type of race? Heck yea! However, is the only place you should spend your time? Absolutely not! Strength training can help you become a more efficient runner and resilient to the impact running places upon your body. Yes, this is where I think DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training gives people a big edge!

That is why DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training was just named part of the arsenal of training recommended by Runner’s World magazine!  DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is also a big part at Envision Fitness in Maple Ridge, BC, where running expert, Steve Di Tomaso implements the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training for his athletes. “DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training challenges stability in the core and hips while building strength and power at the same time. Strength and power training is often the missing link for runners. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training will improve running efficiency, making you faster with less effort, and improve resilience to injury. The integration of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training into our programs has enabled our runners to successfully achieve personal records and avoid injury without changing their run training regimen.”

Try this great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout that Coach Di Tomaso created and see how much fun you can have working towards your fitness goals!

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