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The Misunderstanding of Power Training

During this crazy time we are going through I thought it would be a great idea to just bring on really interesting people that you wouldn’t normally find on social media or at least very popular on that format. You know, ACTUAL scientists, teachers, and real coaches (not those that just take that right camera angle shot for their post).

Someone who really fits that description is Dr. Brian Schilling. I’ve been fortunate to get to know Brian and his amazing wife, nutritionist Leslie Schilling, over the past 4 years. Brian is not only a professor of exercise science, but has done research with the biggest names in that part of the industry. You may have seen I’ve cited some of his work in recent posts (like this one about back squats versus rear foot elevated split squats HERE).

functional training

Dr. Schilling showing us around one of their labs at the university for gait analysis. 

Brian has also been a very successful Olympic weightlifter so he knows both the science of training as well as what it is like to train at high levels. So, when he approached me about this very interesting idea for a discussion I was happy to bring him on. I will forewarn you, there is some thinking that has to go on here, this isn’t just the best exercises for X discussion!

However, if you are interested in being a better coach and learning the science of training, you will love our talk about where many people go wrong in power training and how Brian explains the lessons we SHOULD take from such ideas.


There is a lot of science here but we try to make it relate to your training. Understanding why we do what we do and its true impact is the key in getting greater success!

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functional training