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The Most Powerful Drill In The Land

The Most Powerful Drill In The Land-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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It is pretty amazing to think within 20 years of just my career, I have seen the fitness industry go so many different directions. For one, I would have never believed training people to be powerful would be such a big thing. I can remember my first job out of college was in a commercial gym. I had spent time interning with the Strength & Conditioning staff at Arizona State University (yea, we just won a BIG game!)

With that influence, I wanted to train people athletically. Now of course I knew the difference of training athletes and those that just wanted to be more fit. I thought with the right methods though you could help people know was ever possible.

So, I trained my clients to be athletic. We did Olympic lift variations, certain bodyweight power moves, jump rope, yea, athletic based fitness. The focus wasn’t on maximal weights or extreme workouts, just rather nailing better movement on every repetition. However, my training wasn’t necessarily embraced by some of my fellow trainers.

In fact, I heard stories of other trainers following my clients to the locker room only to tell them how much I was going to hurt them and what we were doing was dangerous! Yea, hearing these things made me upset, but not too mad since all my clients laughed these efforts off telling my “colleagues” that they had never felt better in their life!

Love seeing how different people can use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Thanks Mountainside Crossfit!

Fast forward 20 years (crap did I really say 20 years? sigh) and doing all these power based movements are pretty much mainstream. From tv reality shows to major fitness magazines, you can find all these strategies not just used, but highly touted.

Why? One of the big benefits is training our fast-twitch muscle fibers. Our what? Those muscles that allow us to be powerful and strong, but also helps us protected from the unknown. What do I mean? The first thing we lose as we age is fast-twitch muscle fibers. It is the loss of these powerful types of muscle fibers that causes us to fall, feel more frail, and well, like we are “getting old”.

Those that seem to warn off age often you will find employ exercises that still stimulate these fast-twitch muscle fibers. “Thanks Josh, why didn’t we do these earlier then!” you might be thinking. Power based movements are awesome, but they do need a body with a sturdy foundation. Why power based exercises were long thought to be dangerous was due to the fact people didn’t prep their bodies for the demand it places on the body.

Powerful training also increases the stress on the body, so your body needs to be ready to handle this challenge. That is why we spent time on front loaded squats, all our DVRT deadlift variations, bent-rows, presses, leg threading, press outs, yea, in other words A LOT of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is to build that strong foundation so we can keep building to more athletic based exercises.

One of those is the Snatch. Yes, I realize the funny name of this exercise, in fact, I have NO IDEA how this exercise got its name, do you? The Snatch is often marveled by many because the greater distance the weight travels requires a beautiful blend of speed, power, coordination, timing, strength, stability, and mobility. It creates some of the biggest power numbers because the distance the weight must travel.

Good looking technique by OZ Strength & Conditioning

Now of course you can Snatch a lot of implements, so why DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training? One of my BIG reasons is that the Ultimate Sandbag makes you be honest with your upper body mobility and trunk stability. When I get people telling me they can’t Snatch larger Ultimate Sandbags because it runs into their head, I tell them it isn’t the Ultimate Sandbag’s fault.

The tougher part of Snatching is the not just lifting the weight, but to have the upper body flexibility to catch the weight in the right position. This is combined with having the right timing down to create a stable core so that you don’t move from the wrong places. So, when people tell me that the Ultimate Sandbag lands on their head it means they could be missing at one or both of these important aspects of power.

It is clear the Ultimate Sandbag teaches us some lessons, however, one of my favorite things about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and drills like the Snatch we can put our own spin on these classic exercises to give them a much deeper meaning. Yep, today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training video will help you build some serious power but also make sure that it goes beyond the weight room!

NOTE: There is a reason that the Ultimate Sandbag has snatch handles, DON’T Snatch with the Clean grip handles as it can hurt your wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Be cautious of anyone showing such technique, the internet can be a scary place!