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The Most Surprising Core Exercise

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Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist

Earlier this week I wrote about how training can and SHOULD be both highly effective AND safe. While that might not sound like the cool and “sexy” thing to do, the reality is this type of thinking opens the door to a whole bunch of really great movements. 

For example, we use to think sit-ups were the best way to train the abs. Yet, science shows the HUGE amount of bad stress it places through our low back. Is there a way to train the abs in a strong manner AND not kill your back?

Spinal expert, Dr. Stuart McGill, has recommended a great drill called the “stir the pot”. In this exercise one makes a circular drill and resists the movement the stability ball creates. Why is this a great exercise? According to McGill…

“If I could give you a better tool to train the flexion muscles that preserves training capacity by sparing the most vulnerable tissues, you could then increase your tolerable training volume. This would be a great advance, of course. Consider the stir the pot exercise.


So even though sit-ups train the abdominals, psoas, and rectus femoris, the stir the pot exercise places the spine in a more resilient posture so you can really train these muscles hard.”

Now, the “stir the pot” is a great exercise, yet, it isn’t the ONLY way to perform this type of training. You guessed it, we have a killer way of using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to take this concept and maybe even make the exercise better! 

It is a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise you are familiar with, but maybe didn’t think in the same terms. The Arc Press! Yes, this simple looking drill has many of the same components that the “stir the pot” allows, but WAY more variations. How do you get the most out of it?

Today I break down the most common mistakes of this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise and how the great variations you can use to take your training to the next level!