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The Moving Plank Part 1

The Moving Plank Part 1-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Want to hear a little know fact? 

Sandbag training was the choice of some of the oldest and badass athletes in the world. Yea, sandbags were used by the great Indian wrestlers of old. If you think these were some frail men, you have another thing coming! 

Old Indian wrestlers were some of the best conditioned, strongest, and best athletes the world has seen. So, why don’t you know more about them? Well, let’s face it, most Western countries are barely fans of some our own great wrestlers. Plus, most people have never wrestled, it isn’t our national sport, and therefore so many miss how incredible these athletes were. Even the ancient Olympic games had wrestling in their limited series of athletic feats. 

Do these guys look like they know a thing or two about being strong, mobile, and fit? 

The legendary John Jesse wrote in his book, Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia, “Sandbags, rice bales, sacks loaded with hemp or copra; heavy stones and war clubs were used for the development of strength by wrestlers of many nations for several hundred years, long before the invention of the iron barbell.” 

Some of the greatest strength athletes of all time, Arthur Saxon, George Hackenschmidt, and Eugene Sandow had strong roots in wrestling. Think these guys knew something back then? 

Funny, these great athletes had NO problem developing elite levels of fitness, with some materials that sound VERY familiar! They didn’t need the fancy equipment, they knew how to develop a strength, a level of fitness that we barely ever see in today’s modern culture. 

Imagine if they had DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training!

I say that because we have learned SO MUCH about the body over the last even 50 years. Well, maybe the better thing to say is that we have been able to explain how these amazing athletes developed such incredible fitness without the technology, or resources we have today. 

A lot of started with the core. Yea, that TOTALLY overused buzz term right? Not the LEAST bit! These amazing wrestlers spent a lot of time with light and heavy sandbags to build their core. Lighter ones to build the muscles involved in rotational training and heavier ones to build the hips, back, legs, and compressive strength of the abs.

ultimate sandbag training



Core training is SO much more than what you do on the ground!


If it worked so well for these great athletes why use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training? Well, I have long said I didn’t invent sandbag training, but man, we made is SO much better. I think if Mr. Jesse could see DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training he would be ALL over it! It took many of his original concepts and brought together a comprehensive system that is unlike anything else.

How do you do it though? How do you put together all these ideas. How do you build a core that would make an old time wrestler proud, or one that just helps you get rid of back pain? The answers are pretty much the same. You work through our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training progressions and start to experience the power of these moves for yourself. 


Don’t just perform these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills, try to aim for PERFECT repetitions. By that I mean, holding great alignment, being balanced, and thinking of the intent of each part of your body that when they all start working together you not only know what core strength really is about, but you know what Mr. Jesse meant when he talked about “total body strength”.