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The One Exercise That Solves Low Back Pain?!

ultimate sandbag exercise equipment

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Restoration, DVRT Rx Shoulder, Knees, Pelvic Control, & Gait Courses)

sandbag workouts

Just kidding but made you click!  There isn’t one exercise that will solve all your back pain but it is the most popular question I get asked almost every week. “What is your go to exercise that helps low back pain.” 

Hate to break it to everyone but there is no single exercise that is going to solve your low back pain. My go to for low back pain is a lot of exercises and those exercises performed with intent , performed correctly, and performed consistently. 

I think those three things are where a lot of people go wrong. I saw it all the time in the clinic as well, people rushing through their program and not completing any type of home program and then just stopping completely at discharge and ending back up at the clinic for the same issue.

low back pain

No one is going to get better unless they are consistent with a program, and that is the same if you are training for sport, training to gain muscle mass, training to get leaner…its always about consistency. So it also applies to relieving pain and discomfort due to injury or chronic issues.

A lot of what we show in DVRT has great intent behind the movements and often times people rush through whatever  they see on social media and say it didn’t help or they tried or substitute the implement being used an try to get the same effect now using any tool or something else not knowing that the tool matters. 

To be honest, I would rather give someone five exercises they can perform and execute perfectly than an entire workout of exercises that someone is not performing correctly and rushing through. 

That seems to get lost in this world of social media where people see and then do, not know whey they are doing what they are doing how to perform what they saw correctly. 

So back to my low back exercises. Keep in mind everyone IS different and the causes or low back are plentiful. So when I say I have go to exercises for low back pain I am not saying this will take all your pain away, I am saying these are helpful to build quality that are often lacking in people with low back pain. 

low back pain

What qualities are we trying to build you ask? Well, core stability, improved motor control of the trunk musculature, improved pelvic control, and improved mobility of the lower quarter, better connections of our trunk to the upper and lower body as well. All these things can lend to improved low back pain. 

The use of the Ultimate Sandbag is not because I just love Ultimate Sandbags but it offers something that nothing else does. I think people forget that that this tool was created for a specific reason and created because nothing else could do what it did or offer what it can. That is where a lot of people go wrong, not understanding how a tool can be so impactful. 

If doctors didn’t have the correct tools they would not be able to perform the surgeries they do or if contractor didn’t have their specific  tools they would be able to build homes in the way they do. Tools matter, using different tools in any profession have different out comes. So just keep that in mind. 

Now onto my go to low back exercises. 

Deadbugs, when performed correctly are an amazing core exercise and one that all my low back people do in one form or another, and keep in mind there are progressions for every level. 

The series below is focusing on all the aspects that are important to build upon when talking about the low back. The core musculature is composed of 29 pairs of muscles that support the lumbo- pelvic-hip complex. These muscles help to stabilize the spine, pelvis, and kinetic chain during functional movements. When the system works efficiently, the result is appropriate distribution of forces; optimal control and efficiency of movement; adequate absorption of ground-impact forces; and an absence of excessive compressive, translation, or shearing forces on the joints of the kinetic chain.”

These DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises are effective examples of good core stability for pelvic alignment because we are using the Ultimate Sandbag to both give feedback on how the core muscles should work together as well as teaching the core how to function properly as we introduce movement. Good stability training overall should encourage wanted movement from areas we want to move (i.e. our legs) and resist unwanted movement (pelvic or excessive spinal motion during these drills). 

The Bird Dog is another go to and often performed incorrectly. You can see, when I properly grab for the ground it changes everything that goes on up the chain of my upper body. When my hands are relaxed you see my shoulders sink, you the the scapula doesn’t have any stability. However, by simply engaging with the ground properly, I’ve developed a base for the whole body to be strong. 

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