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The Perfect End to Your Workout

The Perfect End to Your Workout-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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How do you squeeze it all in? How do you get stronger, move better, and get in better shape? Not only how do you accomplish all this, but how do you do so within a reasonable time so you aren’t a slave to the gym? The answers are many. You can keep it simple with doing a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training strength workout like the one below, followed, by a finisher. 

A what?

A finisher can be the perfect way to wrap up a workout, or sometimes can be a workout in of itself. It can be composed of one exercise, or a few, however, no more than four is probably preferable. The finisher is going to be more of a focus of conditioning with some strength. The rest intervals are short or don’t exist until the circuit or complex is completed. Now, using a finisher isn’t just an excuse to perform utter fitness madness. We want to use some sensibility. That means focusing on quality movement, having some rhyme and reason to our finisher, and not being redundant to our other training of the day. 

That is why I wanted to share with you a terrific finisher by DVRT Master, Larisa Lotz. You can use this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training finisher at the end of your training session or if you are really crunched for time as a workout within itself. We are still looking at quality movement so guys, you may want to use a Strength Ultimate Sandbag at our Yellow level of 50 pounds and ladies may want to use our Power Ultimate Sandbags at our Yellow level of 25 pounds. If it is too hard or easy you are more than welcome to adjust the weight, or I might suggest the repetitions. 

Larisa Lotz’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Finisher:

Try to complete the series with minimal to no rest

8 Rotational Lunges-1 Burpee-1 High Pull

7 Rotational Lunges-1 Burpee-1 High Pull

6 Rotational Lunges-1 Burpee-1 High Pull

All the way down to 1 repetition for each drill. You can perform this 1-3 times as long as your form does not compromise during the series! 

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