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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts Give the Perfect Warm-up

This past weekend was another awesome opportunity for us to show a variety of health professionals the power of Ultimate Sandbag exercises. We had fitness professionals, athletic trainers, and massage therapists all in the house to learn one thing….how Ultimate Sandbag exercises can dramatically transform how their clients feel AND perform!

sandbag exercises

One of the things I try to be really sensitive to in delivering our message of better movement, strength, and performance is how immediately applicable we make our material. That AND willing to take a stand on things that work better than others.

I can’t tell you how many educational programs I have been to over the years where I was really excited about the information I learned. When it came time to apply the information Monday morning I was so disappointed that I couldn’t replicate or even integrate the information I learned nearly as well as I had hoped.

Part of that was sometimes the information I was given lived in a vacuum. By that, I mean that you couldn’t argue with the science or techniques but they only worked if you had the PERFECT situation. Someone who had infinite time, or maybe if you were just doing one on one with someone, that person was taking care of EVERYTHING else in their lives, and that person was willing to take blind faith into what you were doing.

What I learned quickly was we need methods and techniques that immediately made people better but also we could get buy in from the client as well!

That is one of the big reasons I believe so much in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises. Really because no one exercise is the most important, it is finding the RIGHT exercise and honestly, why a system is so important.

A great example from this past weekend was having everyone from a Powerlifter to runners in our class. If I took the things away that they love they probably would never work on those things that we could make them better at. Instead of trying to take what they love to do away, how could we better integrate what they need with what they want?

That is why many our DVRT Restoration ideas I recommend as a warm-up to one’s workouts. Most people need way more activation of their smaller muscles and making connections through the kinetic chains rather than stretching or spending ten minutes on the treadmill. A good 5-10 minute warm-up of our DVRT Restoration Ultimate Sandbag exercises not only help people with what they need to get better at, but also allow them to do what they love better!

DVRT Master, Brian Flynn shows how easy it is to put together a powerful warm-up of Ultimate Sandbag exercises that get you moving and performing your best. 

Is that to say that DVRT Restoration drills can not be strength or conditioning exercises either? Absolutely NOT! For many people they will find a HUGE strength benefit and they will find their heart rates jumping up fast! How do you use them though?

Use some of our Bird Dog variations for your pushing exercise, use some of our Half Kneeling and Lifts/Chops for your lunging, you see where I am going right? I can’t tell you how often in the middle of a DVRT workout that I have a drill like a Bird Dog Drag and that gets my heart rate up just as much as anything else.

A great way to use Ultimate Sandbag exercises can also fit into a great model that Coach Robert Dos Remedios uses for his training programs.

Create a circuit of…

-Upper Body Pull


-Mobility Drill

So that can look like….

A1. Pull-ups x 5 reps rest for 30 seconds

A2. Bear Hug Squats x 8 reps rest for 30 seconds

A3. Dead Bug with Band Resistance x 6-8 reps a side rest for 30 seconds.
There are no shortage of small ways to make these Ultimate Sandbag exercises more challenging but also more accessible. 
Perform this for 3-4 rounds then perform another series doing opposite movements. All of a sudden you see how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises can be so seamlessly constructed to create powerful workouts.

My ultimate hope is that people see that hard and smart training don’t have to be two different things. That we can train the things we love while also focusing upon what we need. As I always say about DVRT, we aren’t trying to make you great at sandbags, we are trying to make you better at the things you love to do!

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