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The Power Clean To Build Better Power, Glutes, & Stability Training

sandbag training

I agree with the idea that foundations are important to being successful in literally any endeavor. However, what I disagree with greatly that is a common saying in fitness is, “stick with the basics.” Literally NO sport or movement practice ONLY “sticks to the basics”. Yes, having good foundational skills allows us to progress to higher level movements and concepts which is absolutely necessary in achieving our goals. 

A great example is our Ultimate Sandbag power clean. It is based on the foundation of great hip hinging skills, learning to drive our feet into the ground, stabilize our core, connect our lats correctly, using our posterior chain, etc. That is why we spend a great deal of time working on deadlift, good mornings, and all their progressions. 


YES! This takes time and we are in NO rush to move people through these progressions. However, if you have taken the time and effort to solidify these movement skills, then moving to our Ultimate Sandbag power clean IS important. Power training is linked to not only being something that athletes need to perform well, but is one of the best strategies for anti-aging as well. 

power training

Sure, I get that most never think of power training in this manner, but research shows that movements like the Ultimate Sandbag power clean can improve gait speed in older individuals, increase one’s ability to do daily activities, and even reduce risks of falls. 

Not only does the Ultimate Sandbag power clean allow us to achieve those goals, but we train muscles like the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and core to really high degrees! So, we you see, this isn’t just about doing something difficult, doing high intensity conditioning, it IS about increasing what we can accomplish through our training to higher levels. 

The Ultimate Sandbag power clean is actually relatively easy for people to learn when it comes to how to properly power up the weight. However, deceleration is a lot more challenging and requires careful coaching. It is the deceleration that is one of the primary reasons that the Ultimate Sandbag power clean is unique compared to the barbell. 

Coach Greg Perlaki shows the right way to decelerate versus the incorrect way to lower the weight from our Ultimate Sandbag power clean

Another and even more impactful difference is the way we can move in different directions and patterns as I break down below. What you will see is that foundations allow us to incrementally build up our ability to perform such drills and we can’t just live off “the basics” because real life requires us to be able to move and perform in more diverse ways. 

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