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The Primal Sandbag Complex

The Primal Sandbag Complex-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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When you think about the current rage in Paleo lifestyle and getting back to our routes fitness, it is hard to think of anything that represents this ideal better than DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Go back to our farming days or any time in history, most of what we had to do as humans was lift unstable objects that were NOT perfectly balanced or have ideal handles. 

Picking up something from the ground many times probably wouldn’t look like a classic clean or snatch in today’s world. In fact, these two lifts are less than 100 years old in the way we currently think of them. Learning to pick something up and hoisting it to our shoulder would have been probably a far more popular means of lifting something in the real world! 

Now, JUST because something looks like something our ancestors would have done doesn’t make it all of a sudden something good! Hard to argue that humans have come a long ways in many different areas and exercise is also one of them. If we can combine what we know about how the body functions with old time strategies, you could be really talking about something!

I just love this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training complex as a great example of both, history and science! From one perspective, it allows us to use a bigger Ultimate Sandbag which as I have mentioned changes not just load but dimension as well. This really helps people understand why 100 pounds in an Ultimate Sandbag is NOTHING like that of a barbell. 

Adding to that is the unique movement that the Ultimate Sandbag allows for. While many will love to work on their Olympic lifts like the Clean, the reality is we can make a strong argument that Shouldering is far more functional. We have a load going to one side of the body, resisting rotation, and starts deeper on the ground so we have to develop more force. 

Same thing with the Arc Press. Outwardly just looks like a cool way to press the Ultimate Sandbag, but think of it more as a side plank with a press. You can develop MEAN one arm strength and a rock hard core at the same time. 

Lastly, that Bear Hug Squat is just awesome. Sometimes we don’t appreciate simple things like solving the problems most face in squatting. Not only does Bear Hug squatting help people to squat better, but we can build real strength as well! 

Primal or not, our fitness should always be designed to teach us to move better and challenge our natural movement patterns. I like to think DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills like this Primal Clean, Squat, and Press combination will show you EXACTLY what we mean!