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The Program to Avoid Holiday Fat! | Ultimate Sandbag

How to Reach Your Fitness Goals During the Holidays-Ultimate Sandbag Holiday Challenge

Can you smell it?

Yep the holidays are around the corner! This is the time of year that I dreaded as a fitness professional. I would hear clients almost prepping for their own sabotage. Things like, “oh I hate having bad things in the house, but I need to for the kids.” or “how can you NOT eat the fun stuff during the holidays?!” I began to think we were just in survival mode rather than making progress.

Don’t get me wrong, I am into having a social life, enjoying the holidays, and all that good stuff. However, you need to decide. What is more important to you? Having waaaaayyy too much junk food, or your fitness goals. Sure, have a piece, have a bite, enjoy being with family and friends. Yet, you can still make your fitness goals if you want, if you REALLY want!

One of the simplest ways to stay on track is to just show up! What do I mean?

I use to get so frustrated hearing all the well meaning goals my clients made go down the drain as their dedication to showing up fell off during the holidays. Missed workouts led to even worse eating habits. It became a fast downward spiral where people couldn’t find a good middle ground and stay on track.

Showing up to dedicated workouts makes you think. How much do you want to splurge? How much do you want to negate the hard work that goes into your training? Doesn’t it feel way better to see yourself progressing than regressing?!

People say the holidays are the time of year with the greatest incidence of depression. Yea, there is family stress, financial stress, but here is what most people don’t tell you. Increased sugar and alcohol intake are also a great stress to your body.

This is all good, but the question still looms, “what should I be doing for my workout?”

Ultimate Sandbag Power Clean Challenge Program

Envision Owner and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Master Instructor, Steve Di Tomaso

It is simple to derail good motivation by overcomplicating workouts, especially when you feel so much outside stress. That is why we wanted to be part of your solution, not contribute to the problem.

That is why I asked one of the best coaches at developing fun and effective programs, DVRT Master Instructor Steve Di Tomaso, to create a power packed program. Steve is owner of the top fitness facility, Envision Fitness in Vancouver, BC. Along with Kari Negraiff, they are able to develop unparalleled results with their clients. I wanted to bring his expertise to you!

Steve wanted to develop a simple but highly effective program based around the Ultimate Sandbag Power Clean. Why the Ultimate Sandbag Power Clean?

Very simply it builds tremendous strength through the entire body and integrates a ton of muscles at once. It has many levels so no matter what your experience level, you can find some level of the Ultimate Sandbag Power Clean to perform safely and benefit BIG TIME!

There are other reasons to focus upon the Ultimate Sandbag Power Clean. Learning to properly catch the Ultimate Sandbag opens the door to performing so many different combinations and exercises. Just by learning one Ultimate Sandbag exercise you can add incredible meaningful versatility to your workouts.

Ultimate Sandbag Power Cleans strengthen muscles in the body that often get neglected. Yes, your upper and lower back, abs, hamstrings, glutes, um, it probably is easier to name the muscles it DOESN’T use first! When you are busy and stressed sometimes the best thing to do in your fitness training is to get hyper focused!

You will be surprised how simple, but powerful this Ultimate Sandbag program Coach Di Tomaso created. For the next four weeks we are going to bring you a new week of the Ultimate Sandbag Power Clean holiday challenge. Don’t just read this though, DO IT!

You will be amazed that if you stay focused for the next four weeks how you may just be ringing in the New Year in the best shape of your life! While your friends and family are whining about how they gotta get shape next year, you will be striving for new personal bests! Now THAT is exciting!

Download Week 1 of the Ultimate Sandbag Power Clean Challenge Workout HERE

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