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The Purgatory Ultimate Sandbag Training WOD

sandbag exercise equipment

Purgatory: Cleansing via Thrusters

Puragtory might sound like weird name to give workout but looking
at the secondary definition. I think the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout we have cooking here suits the definition exactly.

purgatory: having the quality of cleansing or purifying. “infernal punishments are purgatory and medicinal”

Before we get started, we need to grab a little background; somehow in the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training community I have gained the reputation for writing the ‘mean’ workouts aka the ones NO ONE want to do.

With the Purgatory Ultimate Sandbag Training WOD, I have not strayed from the course, it is not for the faint off heart.

sandbag thrusters

Coach Anderson is definitely one that leads from the front and isn’t afraid to do REAL work!

That said, this WOD is no different than all the other horribleness that I write; I personally do every workout.

How bad is it, well…. it’s kinda bad

I originally did this workout with kettelbells and my training partner wanted to
“tap out” before the 3rd round. As a matter of fact I’m 100% sure she would have if I would have given the inkling of a suggestion that we should stop; but that’s not how we roll.

That was with kettlebells so you can only imagine what it will be like with an Ultimate Sandbag.

Now lest you get tangled up in the brutalizing; there is more to the Purgatory WOD than just turning you into a whimpering puddle of sweat.

We use one of my favorite ways to introduce complexity; which is if you are a regular reader we have ample supply here in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training land.

I don’t really have cool name for it so let’s just call it: Inverse

It’s really simple pick 2 sets of 3 exercises (6 total exercises)

You organize 1 set of exercises

Least Complex to Most Complex

More Reps to Less Reps

You organize 1 set of exercises

Most Complex to Least Complex

Less Reps to More Reps

Kind of wordy I know but once you get into Purgatory WOD you’ll see what I mean.

The second part of the programming behind today’s WOD and the real reason for the name is I wanted to get back one of the tried and true evil exercise of all time Thrusters.

Thruster are such a great all around exercise especially with the innards crushing
effect of having to stabilize a Ultimate Sandbag.

sandbag training

Now the easy thing to do would’ve been to bludgeon you over the head with volume.

But that would’ve been too easy, and far less valuable of training effect. The intent today is to piece by piece accumulate a grand total of 72 thruster from you, from multiple angles of instability.

So without further ado I present to you: Purgatory WOD

I’d suggest that you use the same size USB throughout the entire WOD.

Men: No less than a 70lbs strength
Women: No Less than a 35lbs Power or 40lbs Strength

This workout 3 rounds to be completed within a 30 minute time cap.

Part 1:
Bi-Lateral Thrusters x 10 Reps
Lateral Bag Drag x 3/3 Reps

Part 2
Bulgarian Split squat Thrusters x 4/4 Reps
Sprinter Stance Snatch x 4/4 Reps

Part 3
Up/Down Thrusters x 3/3 Reps
Rotational Lunge x 10/10 Reps

Repeat for 2 more Rounds.

Hopefully now you can see how the devilish beauty that is the Purgatory
WOD. The goals is just to keep taking a little bit at a time in just the right
amount until you are left sitting in a pile of humble sweat wondering “what
just happened to me”.

That my friend is the striking difference between “a bunch of dance moves” and complexity done right.

As cliche’ as it might sounds complexity trains a little bit of everything; which is why you can’t put a finger on what just happened; but you know it was damn tough and as you’ll find out (days) later you got a training effect in places you never thought possible.

Welcome to Purgatory

Troy M Anderson

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