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The REAL Secret About Core Training

I like to believe we are at a point in the development of fitness where we can pretty much agree on some foundational ideas. One being that core training is essential for building a more resilient, stronger, and better performing body. I don’t THINK too many people would argue this point. Where things get a bit sticky is in HOW we go about doing so.

Let’s face it, there are no shortage of “ab exercises”, but that isn’t the same as what we really mean by core training. Yea, who doesn’t enjoy a good burn in their abdominals. Even though that isn’t a very scientific way of thinking of the core, the reality is we like to think if we can really “feel” something that means it is working.

That makes sense, unfortunately when we are talking bout real core training that isn’t always the best indicator. When was the last time you felt your multifidus burning up or your transverse abdominis just smoked! If you are scratching your head about what these muscles even are don’t feel bad. I purposefully selected these muscles because these muscles too are important in building that type of functional core strength we associate with smarter functional fitness.

In other words, core training is more than those muscles we think of as the infamous “six pack” (heck that is way more about fat loss than core strength), how we integrate the hips, ALL the muscles that integrate the core, AND even the upper body. You guessed it, real core training SHOULD be a whole body movement.

That’s secret number one about core training that makes a difference, the second is that our best efforts and exercises are usually focused on exercises that teach us not to just integrate more of the body, but how to resist force.

Yes, I’ve written extensively about our core training needing to revolve around diagonal patterns. This is a little “secret” therapists have known for decades (you can ready REALLY why HERE). Using such diagonal patterns trains both our nervous system and muscles at the same time and this is HUGE in developing strength that translates to life.

sandbag training

Our Ultimate Sandbag MAX Lunge is an example of a very dynamic lift/chop exercise.

A lot of people think of such drills as lifts/chops often done with a cable or band. While this is good, the reality is we can use these patterns in so many DIFFERENT ways beyond these traditional moves that not only increases our core strength, but brings core training to many different exercises.

That is what this DVRT series is all about well executed by Primal Playground Fitness. You will see how we take core training to hip bridges, in 360 degrees, and even building towards rotation! Now THIS is how we build strength for real life!

If you love improving how we move, function, and perform, then you will love our DVRT workout programs HERE