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The SMARTEST Deadift

The SMARTEST Deadlift-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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We have been really hard on it, haven’t we? 

I mean for the all the love the deadlift is getting through fitness, why are we just so darn mean to it?!!

As I wrote about in our walking post (you can check it out HERE), simple things usually have a lot more layers to it than you may think. 

Here is the crazy thing, the whole point of functional training was to teach people to move better. Hard to argue right? Yet, we aren’t teaching people to move, we are teaching them to lift. What’s the difference? 

Let’s look at planks for a second. Are planks good? Yes. Are they the end all to core training? No. Why? When you plank what are you not able to do? MOVE! So really planks are just to give us a baseline to create the right tension to the core while we MOVE. 

Now, it is good that people are beginning to see other things in this light, like the deadlift. The deadlift has all of a sudden (yet we have been yelling for years) is a moving plank. You have a plank at the start, during the movement of the weight, and at the top, all different. Definitely a step in the right direction. 

Real life training doesn’t have perfect lifting environments!

However, like the plank on the floor, that is just the start. Add layers, add more incremental movement. That is why it is important to see if we can actually MOVE in our deadlift. Why is this important? For a few reasons…..

-Running, walking, jogging, oh, most real world movements cause us to move not just up and down, but forward, to the side, etc. We need to build the skill to reproduce our hip hinge, our plank, and other qualities while we move!

-When add movement to anything we add more of a challenge to the nervous system. The nervous system is your body’s hardware. The more you use it, the more you “upgrade” it, the more it positively impacts the whole body. 

-You can find where weaknesses are hiding. When you are perfectly balanced and everything is in a sterile environment you can hide a lot of stuff. Heck, I did it for years!

That is why we wanted to show you a great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training series that helps make a small leap to making your fitness smarter. Typically when people hear such rationale they agree, but then they end up doing really goofy exercises that really don’t positively impact what we are aiming to actually improve. So, having a system, a thought process, a goal in mind we can still train hard, smart, and make real improvements. 

The following series you can use a the end of a workout, or part of your hip hinge series. One of my favorites is to use these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training movements together. While you can select a distance or time, a lot of you may not have the space to go really far therefore repetitions may be your best friend. You can use a ladder series to build some of the volume. 

Try the following DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training series.

Lateral Deadlift Walks x 6 each side

Forward Step Deadlift x 6 each side

Lateral Deadlift Walks x 5 each side

Forward Step Deadlift x 5 each side

all the way down to 1 for each. Rest for a minute and see if you can repeat one more set! See if you feel parts of your body you never knew existed!