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The Ultimate Sandbag Squat You MUST Do!

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator of DVRT Pelvic Control)

I love coming to fitness from a physical therapy side. I say this because I always look at the health of a person when it comes to which exercises, programs, and workouts to use. In other words, does what your doing in your workout fit ALL our goals of strength training while minimizing the risks. That is what choosing the RIGHT Ultimate Sandbag squat can also mean for your fitness. Answer, does your squat make you…

-Get you stronger

-More mobile

-Increase stability

-Train in different planes of motion

-Help identify weaknesses

You might be surprised I said “risk”, but honestly, EVERY exercise has a risk. What we look for is how can we minimize those risks and get HUGE benefits. That is why one of my favorite types of Ultimate Sandbag squat isn’t what you might think.

When most people squat, they think about bad backs and knees. They think about how much they often are going to hurt, not how good they could feel. 

You also have those that want you to never really move to squat, that the only way to get “strong” is to just move up and down. Which never has made much sense as many injuries are due to an inability to move laterally with strength. Funny how we are told to be strong moving up and down, but many back and knee problems have more to do with lack of lateral strength. Why this Ultimate Sandbag squat comes out as a champion!

Enter the Cossack Squat. Many of you might know it, but few make it a regular staple in their training. Probably because it is so much darn work, it will expose your flexibility issues quickly, but wow, it works so well!

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 7.09.50 PM.png 

I’ve never heard of anyone hurting their back or knees or a Cossack Squat (not saying it isn’t possible if you do it badly, but far less than your typical heavy back squat, sometimes not even that heavy!). 

To be honest, the problem with the Cossack Squat is that guys typically tend to be too tight and ladies are too flexible. Yes, being too flexible can cause you to load the wrong structures just like being too tight. That is why this Ultimate Sandbag squat needs a balance of mobility AND stability.

Interestingly, both can be solved with training stability with strength. That is what we show with these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and kettlebell Cossack Squat progressions. Strategically applying load and progressing holding pattern you will be surprised how quickly you get good at the Cossack Squat. Best of all, you will feel your legs and hips really get the powerful benefit of this wonderful exercise. 

Squatting is awesome for you, however, knowing how to progress the squat and what squat is right for you is even better!

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