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The Strongest Planks You Have Ever Done!

The Strongest Planks You Have Ever Done-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

It took me a long time to figure out a very simple life lesson, more isn’t always better. I remember after going to a nutritional seminar touting the amazing fat loss and muscle gaining benefits of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) I was pumped to get it a try. After all, what young guy doesn’t want to be ripped, strong, and big?!

I remember fondly getting all excited that I had gone to the supplement store and getting the recommended BCAA supplement. It was inevitable, I was going to get JACKED! The bottle said to take about 10 grams of BCAAs before the workout or after, but the seminar I had been to said about 40 grams before. Well, if you were going to get crazy buff it made sense you weren’t going to listen to the lame recommendation on the bottle.

So, the next workout was like waking up for Christmas, I couldn’t wait to perform my workout and feel gains like never before. Of course it all started with my “magical” mixture of BCAAs, I laughed to myself all the silly people working out in the gym that didn’t know my secret!

A funny thing happened though, about 20 minutes into my workout I didn’t feel quite right. You know that stomach rumbling that lets you know that bad things are to follow? Well, a few minutes later I ran into the bathroom and had a Dumb and Dumber movie moment that wasn’t very pleasant.

Now, I like to think once in awhile I am a rationale person, after all the person that recommended this regime was very reputable, maybe it was something else. So, despite the fact I couldn’t finish my workout because I got so sick I was determined to try it again the next day.

Oh, right about on schedule I felt that “not right” feeling and shortly after began to have another very unfortunate experience. “WHAT THE….!” I thought, why was this happening, isn’t more always better?

That little workout experience definitely taught me the answer isn’t often yes. Sure, I have had more than a few other life situations that reinforced this idea, but I thought this was kinda comical.

My point is that we often think more, heavier, whatever is better in our workouts. An easy example is the plank. Great foundational exercise, but people often end up wasting their time trying to go longer and longer. Yea, I’ve seen those ridiculous hour long plank challenges. Not only is it incredibly boring, but unproductive as well.

Planks are suppose to tell us how to brace our body. You know, that thing you do when the an attractive woman or guy walks by. That tightening of our torso activates our natural weight belt, but the problem with just working on planks is that you don’t actually move!

Once you can hold a plank for one minute (yes, some believe shorter, but I find one minute best) you need to start introducing your plank into a lot of more natural movements. In DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we think of the plank with every move we make. Look at the MAX Lunge, we try to challenge the plank by both using the lunge and having an Ultimate Sandbag moving side to side. What about our Clean and Press? We see how well you can plank when developing power and putting a weight overhead.

ultimate sandbag training


The goal isn’t to plank for ungodly lengths of time, but rather see how we can prevent unnecessary motion in our body when we perform more dynamic activities. That is why workouts like today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training program is perfect.

We are going to show different ways we integrate the plank and with a simple programming strategy you can work from more complex planks to easier planks as you fatigue. You will find that towards the end of each cycle you will find your ability to keep your core tight and body integrated gets tougher and tougher. Now, THAT is real world strength and makes your workouts both more productive and more efficient.

Hopefully with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we can help you avoid the uncomfortable situations of overdoing things like I experienced, better and smarter workouts is our goal!

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