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The Toughest Ultimate Sandbag Workout

 Performing 50 repetitions of a workout may seem like a lot of work. However, for a single Ultimate Sandbag workout, it may not seem all that much. In fact, you are probably questioning the mere possibility of getting a “good” Ultimate Sandbag workout from only 50 repetitions. Well, this isn’t your typical Ultimate Sandbag workout. I realize that any workout done in the standard 3 sets of 10 repetitions model isn’t too far off of what I am suggesting, however, this isn’t the same either.

To be honest, the idea of 50 repetitions for your Ultimate Sandbag workout is a bit misleading. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies growing up “Back to School” where Rodney Dangerfield is taking his final exams. A professor tells him he has only one question. You see Dangerfield look relieved for a moment, then the professor quickly turns and states, “in 29 parts”. Today’s 50 rep Ultimate Sandbag workout is kinda like that. It is one exercise, but it has four different parts to make this not realllly 50 reps, probably more like 200 total repetitions. However, 50 mentally sounds better and I know most coaches have trouble counting over 5 (running joke that we were given five fingers to count repetitions on one hand), so this Ultimate Sandbag 50 rep workout works MUCH better!


You may have already guessed it, I am talking about an Ultimate Sandbag workout based around a complex. For those that may be new to our Ultimate Sandbag workout programs, a complex is one exercise that is made up of several exercises. Typically the exercises flow very well together making a natural motion through the entire exercise. Again we see this in the Olympics all the time where lifters perform a Clean, Front Squat, Split Jerk sequence that makes up the classic “Clean and Jerk”. However, you don’t have to be going to the Olympics to take advantage of the concept of complexes. In fact, Ultimate Sandbag workout programs that are occasionally focused upon a specific complex allows us to easily periodize our workouts and make them more productive.

Are Ultimate Sandbag workout programs with complexes butt kickers? Absolutely! However, that is not the only goal. Working on a complex during your Ultimate Sandbag workout allows us to work on building muscle balance, creating symmetry through the body, flexibility, and general conditioning. The way I especially like to use Ultimate Sandbag workout complexes is to focus on those drills you may have been neglecting a bit. Just like everything else in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout program, things have to be progressive. Progression in DVRT can be load, it can be speed, it can be the number of repetitions, but our most unique factor is changing the complexity of the exercise.

As I have mentioned in plenty of other blog posts, creating an Ultimate Sandbag workout to mirror a barbell is okay, but far from demonstrates the unique value that this training system has to offer. When can you focus on such type of lifts? If the goal is to go as heavy as possible or the opposite, when someone is new to Ultimate Sandbag workout programs and needs to learn foundational patterns. There is a problem though the way most people perform their complexes, yes, even for their Ultimate Sandbag workout.

Breaking Down the 50 Rep Ultimate Sandbag Workout

If we look at the classic “Clean and Jerk”, lifters are restricted to how much weight they can lift overhead. In the sport of Olympic lifting that is fine, however, from a fitness perspective it means we are potentially under stimulating the Clean. In our Ultimate Sandbag workout we can actually adjust the different movement factors to create a far more balanced complex leading to not only more effective balance in the body, but a tougher overall workout. Today’s 50 repetition Ultimate Sandbag workout does just that! Looking at the first series we see a lot of complexity, but in a purposeful manner that stresses each segment of the complex equally. You will notice that the Ultimate Sandbag moves from different angles and we lift it from different body positions. Not only does this make each segment of the exercise more difficult, but makes our body call upon more muscles to produce the movement.

Jessica shows another great Ultimate Sandbag workout option if your mind is a bit blown by the one above. Sure it says 25 reps but of course that is per side;) 

Because this is quite a challenge for many, I wanted to show you how you could create different levels to your Ultimate Sandbag workout. The different series of workout series in today’s video isn’t just for different ability levels, but allows you to adjust to fatigue. I NEVER want you to perform any exercise with less than the best technique you can use! Therefore, as we get tired during our workout we can change to the subsequent complexes. Your goal then becomes this….

-Start with a weight that you can comfortably perform 10 repetitions of the MAX Lunge. Try to perform as close to 50 repetitions of the Ultimate Sandbag workout shown in the video. If you can get all 50 repetitions great! Record the amount of time that you were able to accomplish this goal.

sandbag workout

The next week, try to beat this time in your Ultimate Sandbag workout. If you can only get to let’s say 24 repetitions, then continue your workout by moving to the next progression in the Ultimate Sandbag workout. Continue changing the progressions until you perform a total of 50 repetitions (25 per side). If you are starting with the foundational Ultimate Sandbag workout, that is great too! Simply record how many repetitions you are able to achieve. If you get to 34 and form starts to drop off, stop for now and record this number. During the next week when you try this Ultimate Sandbag workout again see if you can improve on your total number of repetitions. Good luck and see how challenging this Ultimate Sandbag workout can be for JUST 50 repetitions:)

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