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The Trinity of Fitness

The Trinity of Fitness-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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 It is probably the biggest reason people jump to so many different programs. Let’s face it, we want to do a lot of stuff in our workouts. We want to move better, be stronger, be more resilient to injury, and have greater endurance. No problem right?;)

The truth of the matter is that is a lofty goal, especially if we leave it in vague terms. What we are trying to do with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is show you how you can actually do this in a meaningful way. It can be overwhelming to try to do so much, so how do you do it?

That is why we have the principles of our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system, as a means to walk you through how to do all these great things! Let’s look at the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout we are giving you today. 

First step is to look at getting in as many movement patterns as possible within the exercises you are performing. If we look at our Leg Threading drill for example, we have a hip hinge, a pressing movement, and lateral stability. Three movements in one exercise is pretty awesome. That is why if you really understand functional training you get why it is so much more efficient than bodybuilding. 

Okay, step 2, what level of the movement pattern can we use? If we look at our Lateral Slide Squat, we are using a more advanced level of our squat pattern. We would want to have proficiency at….


-Press Out

-Bear Hug

-Front Hold


-All Sprinter Stance variations

So, we don’t jump into a new drill just because we are bored or just need something new. If you look at the above series, if we went through all the progressions we have 13 different ways to squat (some were not mentioned) before we use the Lateral Slide Squat. That gives us a beautiful combination of variety, but more importantly, purpose to our training. 

ultimate sandbag training

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training allows for a lot of layers of progressions so no matter where your starting point you can experience success!




However, once we get there, we start to open up a whole new level of training because we start to train patterns in different planes of motion. What does that mean for you? Your body gets stronger than JUST lifting weights in the normal manner because we learn how to both produce and resist forces acting upon our body. In other words, some real world training. 

Lastly, how do we blend it all together? We have different movements, we work in different positions and angles, then what? This is where things get even a bit more customized. Everyone’s fitness levels and strengths/weaknesses are different. I’ve seen very well trained lifters struggle in drills that rather beginners excelled in and vice versa. So you have to use some good judgement. 

The more demanding the drills, especially in combination, the less times you can perform them. You will notice we do a lot of circuits because fatigue can be movement specific, so a way you can keep building up endurance and strength is by moving to different movement patterns even though you are fatigued on a particular one. 

Look at today’s workout…

Perform one side at a time with no more than 30 seconds between movements

-Front Loaded Lateral Slide Squats x 6

-Leg Threading x 6

-Pull-up/Chin-ups x 6

Perform all on the right side, then go to the left side. Obviously pull-ups are with two hands so this is a sneaky way to build up your pull-up or chin-up volume. 

Three exercises doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you do them with the right intent and purpose you will notice this can be quite challenging. Try today’s workout and let me know what you think!

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