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The Truth Behind Strong, Stabile, Mobile, & Healthy Shoulders

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Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist, Education Director for DVRT (Creator of Restoration Certification, Pelvic Control, Knee, and Shoulder Courses)

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Battling shoulder issues isn’t just something I was used to addressing in many of my clients’ workouts, but also had gone through myself in tearing both my rotator cuffs in high school. With wanting to help others and myself, I really dove into learning why shoulder issues were so common and how to better solve them. Sure, I was well versed in postural exercises, doing more pulling than pushing, and even popular shoulder mobility strategies.

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These things worked a bit, but often didn’t make the profound differences I wanted to achieve. When I truly began to understand the function of not just the shoulders, but how they work with the entire body everything changed for me. Once I was able to put these strategies into practice I was able to make such a more profound difference in the mobility of people’s shoulders as well as their strength at the same time.

It was this success that made physical therapist, Jessica Bento and myself to put together an online seminar on how to practically apply the best science into your training. This 60 minute seminar we give you some simple screens and what they are going to tell us what we should do in our training. You will discover where most mobility programs miss the true issues of the shoulders and how we better teach the foundations of pressing to not only save our shoulders, but help people with great strength and experience far less issues so we can have long-term success and pain free movement.

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