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The Workout for Real World Strength

It may look odd, it may look strange, it may look even dangerous. 

Those were probably a few feelings that you might have had watching one exercise in particular. DVRT Master and Firefighter, Jordan Ponder introduced last week some really cool ideas of how to prepare for what the real world actually throws at us. What caught a lot of people’s attention is what Captain Ponder call the “Lap Up” exercise. 

What I always tell people before they judge or perform an exercise is know the purpose! As Captain Ponder explains…

“It is difficult to lift very heavy, irregular objects with healthy lifting mechanics. With the Lap Up to Chest Hold, you learn to deadlift the weight up to your knees and reposition so that you can pull the object close to your body while simultaneously standing upright. This helps prevent a rounded back and coordinates hip extension with drawing the object in as you bring it to your chest. From here, you can use this carry method do navigate around a variety of obstacles by using your feet to feel the ground around you.” 

The reality is that you aren’t going to be in your perfect shoes, balanced weights, great music blaring environment when you have to perform in the real world. Chances are that the opposite will probably happen. 

Now, just replicating what COULD happen in life is not enough of a reason to actually do something. After all, that may result in some pretty dangerous movements being done, especially under load. What Captain Ponder was trying to convey is want to develop better movement skills that will allow us to default to good habits instead of bad ones. 

The other interesting thing about the Ultimate Sandbag Training “Lap Up” drill is that it isn’t a pure hip hinge or squat. It is a combination of movements which, again, is what real life is actually about. 

You know the why’s, now it is important to go over how we build up to it. While it might seem exciting to try something brand new, the reality is we often have to break down an exercise before we can build it up. Check out Captain Ponder’s great break down of how you can benefit from this powerhouse drill and try this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout. 

Ultimate Sandbag Deadlift x 10

Wall Sit x 30-45seconds

Kneeling Hip Hinge Press Out/ Good Morning Scoop Row x 12

Pause Bear Hug Squat x 8 with 4 second pause 

Try completing 3 rounds with only as much rest as needed between drills.