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Sandbag Workouts That Gives YOU More!

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist


We are kinda greedy here at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. We want more! That is we want to get more and more from our Ultimate Sandbag workouts. The older I get I know the more I need to do things that can deliver me the MOST from my workouts, not just give me the same old, same old.

Does that mean my Ultimate Sandbag workouts become hot mess of randomness? Not at all! In fact, I find that my workouts are more successful because I am so focused on things that do more for my body.

Yes, there are “good” exercises left and right, but sometimes we do one thing and it causes us a problem or to neglect another area. It becomes a battle for so many people. How do you squeeze in your strength, conditioning, mobility, corrective exercises, you see where I am going!

All of a sudden that 30 minute is now pushing 45, 60, even for some people over 75 minutes. Living in the gym could be okay for some people, but my life just doesn’t allow for that and I STILL want to see results.

Does that mean I can’t or I’ll just have to settle for what my time allows for in my workout regime? Normally I probably would think that, but if you REALLY understand the idea, goal, and intent of functional training you will quickly realize that one of the MAJOR benefits is being more efficient with your training.

Sure, bodybuilding makes you look good if you are willing to go to the gym 6-7 days a week and often twice a day (don’t forget you have to get that cardio session in too!). That isn’t reality for most of us, so being SMARTER and more efficient with our workouts is really key.

Okay, sounds great, but how do you accomplish a lofty goal? Here are a few keys that I found successful.

-Focus on exercises that work as MANY muscles at once as possible.

-Perform exercises from different positions and postures so that you actually incorporate more muscles into the movement.

-Do as many exercises standing to integrate more of your core into each drill.

-Have balance upon pushing/pulling/squatting/lunging/hinging. If anything have more pulling than pushing as most of us lack that balance.

-Move in different directions as you will find that different muscles take over depending how you move and where you are moving. This can help you become more resilient to injury and improve many weaknesses.

Of course that is also why we design our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts like we do, so that you accomplish all of these big goals in one workout. Oh, don’t forget that typically it takes 20-30 minutes, not an hour, because we are doing so much more in our training.

Why don’t more people train like this? Well, I am not going to lie to you, it isn’t easy! I like the challenge though, to be present, focused, and to push myself in new areas. You can see me do this for real in today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts below where I show you why our NEW DVRT ARES sled and Ultimate Sandbags work so beautifully together and do all the things we just discussed. I think it is totally cool that anywhere can be your gym and with just a few key items.

Strong purpose, strong mind, strong results!

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