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These Fitness Results Are Typical!

Are DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout Results Typical? 

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There are two commercials that always get me to chuckle quite a bit. One series is done by the drug companies that try to anti-anxiety-dugsshow people dramatically improving their quality of life. They are often frolicking in fields, laughing with friends, having the time of their lives. Then you hear the fast and kinda important notices that basically taking this drug will more than likely cause your fatal end.

The other are by the infomercial fitness companies. If you think “who actually buys that junk”, this type of information is staggering. In 2009, Guthy-Renker sale of goods to customers and other activities brought in $1.5 billion in revenue. Guthy-Renker is one of the bigger fitness equipment infomercial companies. So, a lot of people buy into it.

What a lot of fitness professionals forget is that people aren’t buying the “next big thing” to actually have the “thing”, but rather what it represents. Just like the drug commercial, the fitness infomercials try to show us a better life. One where we feel better, we have energy, we have relationships, and well, are happy.

Don’t think people are silly for falling for this. In 20 years of training a wide array of clients I almost NEVER had anyone say they wanted to lose weight or get in better shape purely for health reasons. It is what getting in better shape and losing weight represents in our lives. Not so differently, having better relationships, being more confident, and overall having a better life than we have now!

Can DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs Live Up?

Of course the sad truth is just like the drug companies, we see in tiny print and at the end that most of the wonderful results you are seeing are not typical, or my favorite “results will vary”. Of course this is the safety net of these companies resolving themselves of the process of actually helping people achieve their goals.

That is where I want DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs to be so different. I want the tremendous results we see people achieve with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs to be typical and we want to be there to help you through the journey.

Ultimate Sandbag TrainingThat is why we not only supply with HUNDREDS of FREE videos for you, but we also have our team of REAL fitness professionals that are getting these extraordinary results on a rather standard basis.

One of our great DVRT Master Instructors is Owner of Flo Fitness Puerto Rico, Ana Maria Lora. They don’t get too much more passionate about changing people’s lives than Ana. She has used DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs to accomplish some pretty astounding things with clients. I asked her to share a bit more about one of her most recent successes, a gentleman named Jose.

Ultimate Sandbag squatting“José has a fused L-4 and L-5 and a lumbar disc implant. He was referred to me by his Physical Therapist,  when I saw him for the first time, José couldn’t pick up a pencil! That Ultimate Sandbag in the picture is 35 lbs. He now can lift overhead (something he was absolutely unable to do), he’s lunging for the first time in his life and we are starting to introduce rotational movements. He had almost non-existent muscle mass. Now he has gain about 12-15 lbs of pure muscle. Guy can’t be happier and I can’t be prouder.”

But HOW, how do great fitness professionals get these types of results with DVRT

Ultimate Sandbag workout programs and what drew them to even using such an orthodox form of training? Well, I asked Ana these questions, her response?

“The Ultimate Sandbag has a particular shape that makes it easier for them to perform exercises. The diverse gripping options, aside from being more comfortable lets them progress making little adjustments. Traditional weightlifting focuses mostly in adding weight to the bar but when I work with my older clients, adding weight right away is not always a possibility due to illness or pre-existent injuries. Ultimate Sandbag workout programs lets me create a more challenging workout even if I don’t increase the amount of sand in the Ultimate Sandbag.

My clients also love that there is a FUN factor. There are so many ways to vary Ultimate Sandbag workout programs that it never becomes boring, helping them stay focused and comply with their sessions.”

Thanks to terrific fitness professionals like Ana, we are getting more and more use to saying that the results in using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs are VERY typical and why you should expect nothing less. I hope we can continue to help support you in your fitness journey and see these types of life changing results!


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