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This IS Your Best Gym

sandbag trainingIt was a long held belief of mine. The more equipment I got, the more “toys” I put in my training studio, the better the training I was able to offer. It became my own sort of fitness arms race. Then it started to happen. My perspective of what made the perfect gym became increasingly more expensive, but it didn’t make the results I got for people better.

If I can point to one of the biggest lessons that teaching DVRT has provided me was the fact that I never really was a getting what I wanted or even needed from my tools. Going through the process of DVRT has taught me it isn’t the tool, but the purpose behind the tool that gives us power.

A great example is how I was able to recently have a great conversation with Ingrid Marcum. Ingrid has been a high level weightlifter and even on the US Bobsled team. She might be MOST known for in helping bring battling ropes to the mainstream with John Brookfield. In talking with Ingrid I found myself thinking a lot about DVRT in the sense that many people think they know battling ropes, but when you hear Ingrid talk about their purpose, goals, and intent you get a very DIFFERENT perspective on the use of battling ropes.

That is why my gym started to change over time, I went from having TONS of equipment to having the the equipment that allowed me to do the most in teaching people proper movement, building all around functional fitness, give those people a great experience, and have incredible versatility to the training. I realize it wasn’t the gym, it was how we viewed the tools we were using in the gym that gave us such great power and what gave us  the ability to create such great results for people.

Why is that so important to you? Because the actual physical gym doesn’t really matter. A few great tools used by someone who has great purpose to their training can beat out a highly outfitted gym with people that don’t have such intent to their training.

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You can see how Polish Fil makes training at home one of the best gyms possible. Not simply by the tools he uses, by the purpose he gives to these tools in developing great functional fitness!

DVRT isn’t just about using Ultimate Sandbags, but it is trying to help professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike understand you don’t need to use everything to get amazing results. In fact, by focusing on the most powerful tools we can achieve more than having a toolbox stuffed with “stuff”.

A great example is how DVRT Master, Cory Cripe, takes our DVRT water bags outside on his vacations to develop a gym that would rival any fully stocked facility. It isn’t just using the water bags that give him great power for a gym that can go anywhere, but the thought he puts behind the movements.

Going through the process of teaching DVRT for over a decade has made me a much better coach for a few reasons. For one, I don’t see limitations in someone’s ability to achieve great things because they don’t have a ton of space, time, or equipment. Instead, I see opportunity if they have great tools and I can teach them how to make their gym in to something elite no matter how much of space and equipment they have. It is about the philosophy, not the tools!

This process also made me a better coach because I started to release the need to do everything and focus on the MOST important aspects of training. Success is life, business, and training aren’t too different in that they are based on what you say no to, just as much as what you say yes! We don’t need to do everything, we need to do the best things! That is what we are trying to accomplish with DVRT. In doing so we can inspire great things like Cory has done with helping his kids fall in love with fitness through great experiences. THIS is what fitness and going to the gym should be about!

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