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Save Your Low Back Ultimate Sandbag Training

sandbag training

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist

It was one of the most helpless feelings in my life. Having gone to school for eight years, having been in my career, at that time, for five years. Yet, with all that training as a therapist, I couldn’t make myself better. Waking up every day, staring at the ceiling for a good ten minutes before I felt like I could get my body out of bed was a miserable feeling.

Not only does pain take a physical toll on you, but many never appreciate the mental cost of dealing with constant aches and pains. That is why almost ten years ago I made the tough decision to no longer be a full time physical therapist.


Once I began working with Josh and learning about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training I was ruined! I realized that I wasn’t helping people improve their movement, functional strength, and resiliency. Sure, I was doing everything I was taught in school, I had been doing what I THOUGHT was right.

However, after experiencing the life changing results we often promise with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training myself, I wanted to be the biggest proponent of its benefits. So, I was inspired to look hard at how we can take the world of corrective exercise and actually make it work for people.

I wasn’t in it for, “oh look, that was a nice little change.” I wanted to DRAMATICALLY change how people saw and used corrective exercise and how they systemized EVERYTHING they did with functional training.

That is kinda an overwhelming goal though. To be honest, I didn’t know where to start and Josh gave me the best advice, “start at the beginning.” What he meant was what are the MOST important concepts for people to know to make the BIGGEST differences in how they live, feel, and perform.

When DVRT Restoration came out, I was pretty proud of that’s what we did and the results have been getting from people writing us has definitely proven that to be true! Yet, one of the most exciting things to me about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is that it is this very organic, living, and evolving system.

sandbag training

Thanks to our amazing coaches, people using our system, and our interaction with people every day, we get new and better ways of coaching and creating success.

That is why I wanted to accomplish a few goals. First, help people realize what are some of the MOST important concepts for them to understand about movement and real world strength training. Then, learn how important it is how the smallest changes in an exercise can create dramatic changes and challenges. Finally, I want people to understand how to most effectively and efficiently communicate HOW we create proper movement.

It was these goals that led me to create our NEW DVRT Pelvic Control Course. We wanted to offer people an opportunity to be introduced to DVRT Restorative concepts in a easy to understand, apply, and use format so they could immediately get results and know where their training was going!

DVRT Pelvic Control course is packed full with new solutions, progressions, and cuing that is based on DVRT Restoration, but because we are always evolving our system, that means providing you better methods and exercises to get there.

Over 3 hours of instructional video, almost 100 pages of cues, progressions, and pictures allows you to guarantee you are going to be getting the most of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training movements.

DVRT Pelvic Control has an easy “plug and play” ability to it, but most importantly we walk your through step by step so that your power to make change extends well beyond any individual workout program.

I’m excited to share this new course with you and best of all we are doing it for 25% off AND two FREE programs with coupon code “strong”. Check it out HERE