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Three REALLY Common Fitness Mistakes

The Three Mistakes Holding Back Your Results-

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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It has taken me a long time to figure this out. This simple rule seems to be true in so many aspects of life, that fitness is just one obvious place we can use it to make huge strides towards success!

Achieving greatness isn’t always what you do, sometimes, heck a lot of times it is what you DON’T do!

Everyone wants to know what exercises they SHOULD be doing, what workouts they SHOULD be using, what supplements they SHOULD be adding. The truth is we can get better results by not finding those mystical things we should be doing, but by making sure we aren’t making common mistakes that really keep us from making great progress. 

Use the Right Speed: We have talked a lot about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training varying speed to cause different results. However, there are certain exercises that are ALWAYS done at one speed or another. Drill like Power Cleans, Rotational Snatches, Shoveling, are always done fast. Funny enough, this isn’t something that most people do wrong. 

On the other side there are drills that are done ALWAYS slowly! The Ultimate Sandbag Training Lateral Bag Drag is such a drill. It may be the MOST commonly incorrectly performed drill. So much so, we have introduced other Ultimate Sandbag Training progressions to get people to understand the point of these types of exercises. 

The biggest reason the Lateral Bag Drag is done slowly is because we are trying to find the compensations people possess in core and whole body stability/strength. It is REALLy easy to hide these compensations when we go fast. After all, who feels like moving slower is easy when you are in a compromised position?

Use the Right Progression: We spend A LOT of time in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training certifications on progressions. What is the right drill for the right job? I know, we see a really cool exercise on social media, a magazine, you name it! However, upon performing the exercise you find it doesn’t work, the exercise therefore is no good!

The reality is that maybe you were using the wrong progression of the movement for your goals, your ability level, or place in your workout. Understanding this concept is one of the BIG reasons DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is so different from other fitness programs. (if you want to find out more check out our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag book HERE or get to a live event HERE)


You Never Outgrow A DVRT Drill: It is commonly a thought that after a certain amount of time we no longer a specific exercise. It may be beneath us, have no more use to us, or something like that. In DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we NEVER outgrow an exercise, but the purpose or the manner it which it is performed may change. 

The Ultimate Sandbag Bear Hug Squat is a great example. Even though it makes squatting easier, by no means the exercise easy. In more advanced lifters, the Bear Hug Squat changes from teaching how to squat, to building endurance, starting strength, or a host of different qualities. 

Understanding these simple rules goes a long way in making your training that much more successful and shows you how you can get an edge with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training!