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Throwback Thursday Ultimate Sandbag Workout

Throwback Thursday Ultimate Sandbag Workout

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I’ve begun to really look fondly at these Thursday Throwback DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs. 

It is easy to forget all the stuff we have put out in the almost ten years of doing DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts. 


Seeing how much the Ultimate Sandbag has changed in just the last 5 years has to be something we reflect on

More than anything, seeing the evolution of both the system and the tool has been really cool. Just like anything you have to appreciate where you came from and the journey you have endured. 

So many people when they look at themselves forget. They forget where they really started, what they have really achieved, and how much they have overcome. 

I can think of client after client that after a few months or years have a bit of amnesia of what their fitness really was! Their expectations grow to such high degrees. This can be a good and bad thing. 

After all, most people come to help with their fitness when things are not going great. Who goes to see anyone for help when they are kicking butt, right? 

We can all be apprehensive about starting something new, something we don’t think we are probably great at, and in many ways are afraid of failing about again! That is why being proud of even modest improvements is a important! It may not be your end goal, you may not think it is all that big of a deal, but the truth is that every achievement, no matter how small, means you are on the right path. 

The journey will teach you so many things. Not just fitness related lessons, but life ones as well. If you don’t appreciate them then you will find yourself on this revolving door of goals that you think are important, but tend to be quite empty. 

Helping YOU reach your fitness goals is what drives us every day!

I have had to be reminded of this by Jessica all the time. I have VERY high expectations of myself and the work our company does. However, I have also learned that sometimes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training’s success doesn’t have to be measured by mountains all the time, but consistent hills we build creating a strong foundation. 

That is why I hope no matter what tool you use, whether you train at home or at the gym, you think of the principles, the ideas, the results you should be getting with your fitness using Dynamic Variable Resistance Training. Today’s workout shows you how the concepts will go even beyond the Ultimate Sandbag and success is your ability to make small changes consistently in your training! 

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