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Most Athletic Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

sandbag training

Ultimate Sandbag exercises have really grown beyond my wildest dreams. From being used in over 80 countries worldwide (I learned about some very cool places I never knew!) to seeing how everyday people are finding such great success in using them at home to replace having to ever go to the gym again. It has been an incredible experience to also see the top professionals in the industry that have found such amazing use and power with Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

One of those awesome coaches is Robert Dos Remedios. “Coach Dos” as he is affectionally known, not only was a athlete himself (football at University of California), but has been helping athletes achieve amazing success for much of his career. In fact, Coach Dos was named the NCAA Strength Coach of the year as well as many other honors. Add in the fact he runs a yearly charity for animal shelters, how can you not love the guy?!

Coach Dos was one of the earliest supporters of Ultimate Sandbag Training. It was pretty cool to see how it just made sense to him. Probably, because unlike a lot of coaches he looks for things that work, make his athletes better, and do things that other methods can not. He is not married to anything but success.

sandbag exercises

Coach Dos worked with our DVRT Master Instructors this past weekend with some powerhouse ideas!

In speaking with Coach Dos, it was great to hear what he liked about Ultimate Sandbag exercises so much. One was the the fact that many of the Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises are self correcting. If we look at the Ultimate Sandbag Training Bear Hug Squat for example, it is just flat out HARD to squat wrong with this exercise. People often think that athletes are great in the weight room as well, Coach Dos will tell you that isn’t true and the same issues you may have with technique on certain exercises may be the same that some top athletes experience. Anything to make people get more out of a movement is something that should always be a priority and Coach Dos gets that! This is probably an Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise YOU should be spending more time performing. You will probably be shocked at how much you actually feel your legs with these Ultimate Sandbag Training moves!

Top Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

Another favorite of Coach Dos, that infamous Ultimate Sandbag exercises is the MAX Lunges. As Coach Dos explains, one of the most important concepts to teach athletes is that of deceleration. Almost every injury in athletics is due to the inability to STOP, whether it be fully breaking or changing direction. You see it all the time with hamstrings and knees, or rotator cuffs and shoulders. Well, the MAX Lunge is maybe one of the most powerful exercises in teaching deceleration. Because we are on one leg primarily the whole core from abdominals to hips have to work synergistically to stabilize. Don’t forget the lower leg that often gets neglected in most fitness programs but is one of the biggest reasons people end up with knee, hip, and back problems! Don’t worry, even if you are not an athlete, learning this concept will help you when you least expect it. Whether it is the time you get to a pick up game, are playing with your kids, or hit something unexpected like when I went hiking and had the gravel move on me and only caught myself from falling because my hamstring stopped by entire body!

sandbag exercises

People sometimes think that Ultimate Sandbag exercises like Cleans and Snatches are just “easier” ways of doing barbell versions and REALLY aren’t as valuable as the barbell. When you first grab an Ultimate Sandbag you quickly notice that not all weight is the same. That a 100 pound Ultimate Sandbag is MUCH heavier than a barbell of equivalent weight. What people miss about these types of Ultimate Sandbag exercises is that leverage of the handles being away from the weight, that Ultimate Sandbags have dimension that barbells just don’t, and are unstable you quickly realize these Ultimate Sandbag exercises feel VERY different!

sandbag exercises

Okay, exercises are great, but how you put them together is key. That is why workout is based upon the ideas of moving better, smarter, more gracefully, and just overall more athletic. Check it out below and more of our great DVRT workout programs HERE.