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Train Like An Athlete?

Train Like An Athlete?-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

It has almost become an anthem in fitness. 

“You should train like an athlete!” fitness pros exclaim!

Should you though, I mean should you REALLY train like an athlete. 

I mean, say you are going to train like an athlete to someone that hasn’t worked out in 20-30 years can be a down right frightening idea! How many conjure up memories of nightmarish physical education classes, or terrible high school sport coaches? 

Plus, the saying doesn’t even make sense! You can look at the NFL teams and see basically 32 different training programs. Some that would be applauded and others that would make you SHOCKED that they were used by professional athletes. 

Athletes do stupid things all the time in their training. I know I did. I trained hurt, I did programs that made no sense, and I know plenty of others that had done the same. 

The reality is that we want to train to be athletic. I know, semantics, right?

Not really, it has to do with intent, purpose, and direction. 

What do athletics represent to many of us? I believe ideas like grace, coordination, strength, and agility to name a few.


Looking at such concepts it is difficult to argue wanting to develop such skills. 

Don’t worry, all of this does come with being leaner and looking better, just had to get that out of the way. 

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training & Kettlebell Athletics

Even though most would probably agree with these ideals, they seem to fall short in many fitness programs. 

Probably we see fitness either in terms of heavy weights, or circus types of exercises. 

The key to developing athleticism is to build it progressively through purposeful workouts. 

That is the whole goal of , learn the foundations of moving well. Then add layers of sophistication and yes, athleticism. 

I’ve never seen an athlete that was fantastic when they were flat footed and moving just up and down. Being athletic means learning to be strong, flexible, and powerful in many different ways. 

That is why today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training video shows you how we take these concepts and apply them to not just DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, but kettlebells as well! 

Don’t look for the novelty of an exercise, rather how we built athleticism upon a layer of a strong foundation. Once you learn this simple, but commonly overlooked concept, your workouts will become limitless!

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