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Training for the Ultimate Sandbag Big 6….Sandbag Shouldering

As we have been setting standards for what makes one “strong” in DVRT, we realize the inherent challenge is that people will become focused upon the standards and miss the real point which is “how do we get there?” The Ultimate Sandbag Big 6 of Shouldering, Arc Press, Shoveling, Sprinter Stance Shoulder Squats, Lateral Drag, and MAX Lunge are all dynamic, “sexy”, and extremely challenging movements.

All six of these drills have great technique to them, they require building a foundation of strength, stability, and mobility. That is why we chose them over some of the more familiar gym exercises that only demonstrate one very specific quality of fitness.

The responsibility on us is to help you know how we build UP to these Ultimate Sandbag Training Big 6. Sure, try them, get your baseline, however the goal is not for you to just hammer doing the Big 6. That is missing the point of the DVRT system!

We are going to break down how to train for each movement to help you see that the Ultimate Sandbag Training Big 6 can be exercises, but they are also measures of your progress. They represent what we want to have strength be seen as, but it doesn’t mean you start or place your most time in these drills. A great example is Shouldering.

DVRT master, Cory Cripe, makes Shouldering a 100 pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag seem like nothing! However, his foundation was built upon building a good hip hinge first and foremost.

Because Shouldering has a VERY long range of motion (our hands are at ground level) we need to build mobility, stability, and strength of the hip hinge to help us achieve this very challenging range of motion. This can be accomplished by using our different body and holding positions in Ultimate Sandbag Training.

In spending time with any of these Ultimate Sandbag Training progressions we start to build a stronger and stronger foundation where we can introduce power. Many people start with power and forget that trying to develop power without a base of strength, stability, and mobility is not going to get you the results you want to achieve!

Establishing these foundations of Ultimate Sandbag Training takes time, especially as we add load to these different movement patterns. Yes, we want you to load up, there is no reason we can aim to hit these patterns with some heavy Ultimate Sandbags!

When we work through such progressions we can then bring in more power elements. With that though comes with really understanding all phases of our power movements like DVRT Master, Steve Holiner, breaks down.

What you start to see is that mastering and benefitting from our Ultimate Sandbag Training Big 6 is a study in coaching, skill practice, understanding your body, and building great programs layering upon one another. That is the essence of DVRT and what separates us from a lot of programs that just show you “another cool” exercise.

That type of training is like getting a shot of adrenaline. It is cool for a workout, but you really don’t benefit from it and just keep searching for the “magical” exercises rather than thinking of a system of building better movement and fitness. That is why we want DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to change how you train!

Don’t worry, working through these Ultimate Sandbag Training progressions is well worth the effort, patience, and practice. Staying healthy, learning more about your body, and enjoying seeing the value in the details of an exercise lead to both you making consistent progress and being long-term successful.

Eventually this leads us to working with those new ranges of motion and level of strength in both the Bear Hug Clean and eventually Shouldering. Sure, Shouldering LOOKS like it should be easy, but when you break down all the variables of the movement, you quickly see there is far more there than one might initially assume. That is why we want you to really become familiar with how the “little things” make ALL the difference! Check out how I break down both so you can start building success in your Shouldering practice.

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