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Truly An Ultimate Gym

It is definitely a love/hate relationship I have with this comment.


Josh will usually come up the stairs to my office, he has kind of a devilish look on his face. 

I know what is coming, it has happened enough times. When he sits down next to me he will usually try to act all innocent, asking me, “are you busy?” 

Can your gym go anywhere?

You think I would know better to say anything but, “yea, really busy!”

But no, there must be something a bit off with me as well given the fact I will often say, “what do you want me to do?”

Yes, I know Josh’s question really usually means that he has an idea he wants to try out. I guess it is my own curiosity of what his mind has come up with next that makes me silly enough to actually go try out his new “experiments”.

Why keep doing this to myself? Honestly, because I am intrigued myself. I know Josh isn’t coming up with some wild new exercise just cause he is bored. Every time he has done his little experiments he feels compelled to even explain to me the “why’s”. 

What’s the problem…

How can we make such and such better….

Is there a solution that works the best?!

Since we believe so much in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we don’t need a lot of extra equipment, especially to test our theories. That is why so many of our sessions like this end up being in our own home. 

It is funny that the simplest place has yielded some of the best and most effective ideas. 

Check out this workout and see how some subtle changes to movements make a big difference in your workouts! 

That is one thing we can promise, we will never stop thinking, problem solving, and experimenting to come up with the very best fitness programs! 

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