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TRX, Kettlebells, and Ultimate Sandbag Training

sandbag training

I mentioned in a post the other day that I was being interviewed on a podcast. What I love most about doing such interviews is that we at DVRT can hear internal discussions come out. One of the more interesting questions I was asked was, “are tools like Ultimate Sandbags more conditioning or strength?” This is interesting because I know many people don’t believe that things like Ultimate Sandbags, bodyweight, and even kettlebells aren’t for serious strength work, that is reserved for the barbell.

That is why I wanted to share a DVRT post where I talk about how we think about the tools differently. If we continue to ONLY see strength as weight we use, we are going to miss out on a much bigger world of functional training. See how we combine these tools to develop strength in a way that will make us think about real world fitness in a new light.

Trust me, combining kettlebells, TRX, and Ultimate Sandbag Training is not just the toppings on your fitness program. They should be the crust of what you do. Why? Because if used properly, kettlebells, TRX, and Ultimate Sandbag Training can hit all components of fitness at once.

Unfortunately, people still see these tools as “nice” or sometimes “cute”. In reality, they really allow us to see the fullest expression of functional fitness because they challenge multiple fitness qualities at once. Most people don’t go to the gym thinking about their balance, agility, coordination, and such. They think of fat loss and muscle gain, but they don’t realize these other attributes actually play a big role in developing these results that really make an impact.

Listen, do you NEED Ultimate Sandbag Training, kettlebells, and a TRX to build muscle or lose fat? No, probably not, not sure what you absolutely NEED to do any of that. Does it make achieving these goals WHILE moving and feeling better easier? Heck yea! If you don’t believe me these are much of the tools I have myself in my own gym.


There are LOTS of ways to use kettlebells, TRX, and Ultimate Sandbags to create great synergy in your workouts. However, some people ask about is combining them directly a circus trick or actually has value in forms of more advanced functional training.
How so?
Let’s look at the most obvious, lifting while being supported in a TRX. Is this advanced? Absolutely! Is it impossible or novelty? Absolutely NOT! Lifting your kettlebells or Ultimate Sandbags supported in a TRX adds another element of instability. While both feet are still active, obviously the supported foot has less of influence and can move in multiple directions. That means you really have to tie in your movement, strength, and stability.
What’s the benefit? You stimulate so many muscles, not just those that lift weight, but those that resist movement as well. Simply the activity of the foot sends up a chain reaction the entire body especially the hips, low back, and shoulders. How can you do it? You can implement Ultimate Sandbags and kettlebells simply or more advanced strategy as you see some amazing coaches do below!

That is awesome, but how do you layer small progressions to get great benefits out of combining these powerful functional fitness tools? Using DVRT concepts of load position we can introduce these ideas in very simple and progressive ways as Kari Merrill demonstrates beautifully.

However, do you HAVE to actually be using kettlebells, TRX, and Ultimate Sandbags in the same exercise to achieve phenomenal results? No, of course not! Watch how you can combine them in smart ways to take advantage of their each unique attributes!

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