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Turning Any Place into the Best Gym! | sandbag training

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Pretty much since I was the age of 14 I have loved being in gyms. I know, it is pretty weird, but it was almost an escape for me. When I suffered a severe leg injury at 14, I was pretty much unable to do anything physical. It was absolutely crushing because activity was my life, my way to breathe, my way of dealing with things in life. 

I probably could have pouted for quite a bit longer, but my older brother, Greg, wouldn’t have it! He took me to the local Bally’s (yes, at that time there were Bally’s gyms, can you remember those?!) and after that first experience it would have been easy for me to never go back! I remember him laughing pretty hard watching me squirm on the bench having been pinned by the bar!

Instead of being disenchanted, I actually became motivated. I don’t know exactly where it comes from, but when I am not good at something I want to put my all in getting better. This type of attitude I think is one of the biggest reasons DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has grown to what it is today.

Hobbling around on crutches most of the summer and spending a lot of time in the gym, I found the reward of consistent hard work. But I noticed something that I wouldn’t really appreciate till much later on.

When you are 14 it is easy to put your focus into something like fitness, especially during the summer. My biggest obstacle was getting a ride to the gym, usually I could steal a ride, but it always took more than a little effort. As I have gotten older I have heard about the challenges of making time for fitness, the obstacles in getting somewhere to train, for real anyways.

To be honest, for years I thought of this as simply a bad excuse by those that weren’t dedicated. When your life revolves around being in the gym it is always easy to squeeze in some type of training. However, as my life has changed and I have spent more and more time away from the gym, I too have found that it is a reality that it can be hard to get that workout into your day.

However, the option of just doing home based workouts didn’t seem to be the answer. That is unless you were to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and by the way transform your garage or a part of your house completely into a gym. This is the only way right?

I was this way, in fact, I had a gym set up this manner. However, as time went on I realized that my training became more focused and I had a lot of stuff that collected dust over time. Why? Because my time became more and more limited. As my time became more precious, I found my training to become hyper focused on only what gave me the “big bang for the buck” training.

Obviously this is where our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training became the foundation of what I would do. The truth is when our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Trainingwas very young in 2005 I didn’t know it would become what we know of now. Being forced to really concentrate on the essentials and having limited energsy, I personally began to see how important Ultimate Sandbag Training would be for anyone.

Over time, I found myself selling off most pieces of equipment in my garage and even my own training facility. I have seen it time and time again. In fact, my friend and home gym expert, Kyle Battis, wrote about wasting tons of money and not really learning how to use it right, as a primary reason home gyms don’t really work for many.

“People spend thousands of dollars on their home gym equipment and not a dime on learning how to use it properly! Just because you buy a fancy piece of equipment does not mean you will automatically achieve great results. You need to understand how to use that tool (that is all equipment is, a tool).”


The lines between the home gym and commercial gym have never been so blurred. The BEST training facilities are honestly the same type of gym you could have at home. Sure they have MORE equipment, but they don’t have better. As J and D Training owner and NSCA state Chairman have said, “microgyms are the wave of the future, but it isn’t about the equipment, it is about the coaching!” 

Which is actually very cool because it means that great fitness is more accessible than ever. Think about it, a great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout only takes on average the space of yoga mat! That doesn’t mean just being boring, or not moving, that is just smarter and more efficient fitness. 

So, if you love dealing with the gym, more power to you. If you are wanting to build your ultimate gym anywhere any time, then think about how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training could be the answer for you!

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