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Two Exercises For Rapid Strength & Fitness

Two Exercises For Rapid Strength & Fitness: DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Jessica did such an amazing job of laying out in our last post, what we think strength should really be. Yes, how much you lift is part of the equation, but if that was all that was to strength then we might as well all jump back on the machine circuits. Her explanation of what we are calling “impact resistance” (you can read HERE)

If you understand what impact resistance 360 (IR360) means, you will see we can have both. We can have load and learn how to resist motion. In fact, I think that is the VERY reason we are seeing in university studies that the Ultimate Sandbag burns more calories than other strength tools even with the same exercise, weight, and reps are done. 

IR360 doesn’t have to be really advanced DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises to gain this unique benefit. That is why some of the foundational holding patterns are so crucial to gain proficiency before trying to move through the progressions. 

Some people think movements like the DVRT Front Hold Squats and Clean and Press aren’t anything special. I’ve even seen articles where people list negatives of Front Hold Squats like the following:

-Can’t get deep enough to stimulate the legs, so many people think it is a core exercise only!

-It is much harder to handle as much weight as with barbell squats. 

Both are very BIG misconceptions and goes back to one of our P’s of success, proficiency. 

Front Loaded Squats are a very accessible lift for many people. I mean from the outside they seem super simple, hold a weight in front of your body and squat. It really isn’t complicated, but there are finer points that can literally transform the lift. 

The first is you must have an active upper body. You have to pull the weight into you, you must drive the elbows into your ribs, you need to pull your shoulders down and back! If you do so, the range of motion of the exercise changes dramatically!

sandbag squats

Teaching our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag program in Japan, these little tips made for exceptional squats!

When you start performing the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag squat in this manner, your legs get RUINED! Of course in a good way;) Even better though, you make a super strong connection from the lower body to the trunk to the upper body. Remember, in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, making connections in the body is what we are about!

The same happens in the DVRT Clean and Press. Why is it that the Ultimate Sandbag Clean and Press is SO much harder than other implements?! Proficiency again! You have to learn not to just lift, but to resist. During the Clean and Press you have to resist flexing the upper back during the first pull, you have to resist leaning in the rack position, and you have to resist the Ultimate Sandbag pulling you back during the press. Oh, did I mention you have to do this again during the lowering phase?

sandbag clean and press

You will be hard PRESSED to find two more effective foundational lifts than the DVRT Front Loaded Squats & Clean and Press

I think if it were just as simple as “the weight is unstable” the value would be somewhat limited. It isn’t just that it is hard to lift, it is what that awkward feeling can teach you about your body, your movement, and your weaknesses. 

I’ll be honest, a lot of people try these lifts and often go “forget that!” They can’t face the fact that these seemingly smaller weights are THAT hard! They can’t admit to themselves their fitness program isn’t making them really as strong as they think. We often talk about being gym strong and being real world strong. I know for a fact DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can do both! Try the simple workout above and I don’t think there is any way you will disagree!