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Ultimate Core Training With TRX & Ultimate Sandbag Training

You may notice that a lot of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training videos have been less and less me in them. That is because my REAL goal with DVRT is to dramatically change many different types of people. Showing them our DVRT system and allowing them to apply it to their needs and see their improvements is the BIGGEST thrill for me!

That is especially true when we get to work with really bright coaches. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training & TRX coach, Ian Vaughn, really inspired me recently after he attended our DVRT Restoration program in Southern California.

If you can’t tell, Coach Vaughn is VERY strong and not only strong, but mobile as well. He is a definite throw back to the classic strongman that had not just one aspect of fitness, but very well rounded. So, you might think doing “corrective” exercise wouldn’t be something he would have to place too much emphasis upon.

However, like all of us, life, training, pushing our own bodies can cause our bodies to compensate. Ian told me how he was battling with some sciatica and using some of our DVRT Restoration concepts with his TRX the discomfort is pretty much gone! Now THAT is pretty cool.

Well, that and I really love something Ian was preaching when he made today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training video. Ian was speaking about how most people combine great functional fitness tools like TRX and Ultimate Sandbag Training they do too much, make it too hard, and really don’t have much purpose with the combinations other than to just make it REALLY hard!

So, what is Coach Vaughn trying to accomplish in today’s video on how to build great core strength and stability so you move and feel better?

“the dorsiflexed foot locks down my hip flexor & glutes…the Ultimate Sandbag drives my lats dow; both resulting keeping my core tight for all the kneeling positions” A way to basically use the TRX and Ultimate Sandbag to teach the body how to create stability, tension, and strength without cues that don’t really help! Using SMARTER fitness to create REAL change is a powerful thing!