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Ultimate Core Workout

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When you think about “the core” do you really think of your abs? Yea, most people do and I can’t blame them. The marketing machine of fitness really missed the message and made people think they were doing something new with replacing “ab training” with “core”. 

Sadly this has left many in fitness to use the terms interchangeably. Even some say that “core training” is stupid. That is because they don’t really understand what core training really means!

Your core is a REAL thing! We know that the ability to use your core well allows you to be more flexible in your shoulders and hips. We know that having a strong core makes exercises like squats and presses better. We know that a great core can help you improve chronic low back, hip, and even hamstring issues! 

The key is to understand two simple things….

  1. Your core is actually more than the six pack ab muscle (your rectus abdominis), rather your core is your obliques, your erectors and QL, but also your deep core muscles like transverse abdominis, diaphragm, multifidus, and even your glutes! In other words, it isn’t just a single muscle or area of your body. 
  2. Understanding that your core is really about a lot of muscles and areas of your body it should make the fact core training is about getting these muscles to work together no real surprise. It is never about a singular muscle, but how they all function together. 


That is why you might see our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises are very different from your typical core exercises. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills focus on those connections and finding why there is a disconnect. 

A great example is in today’s workout. Leg Threading is such an amazing drill to combine different planes of motion, activating those deep core muscles, and identifying where those disconnections really happen!


Our Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Fist Loaded Squat do the same, but in a very different way. Here we have our moving plank and need to learn how to have mobility in the legs and stability in our trunk. In these movements, your core is the communication system between your legs and upper body. Plus, if your core isn’t working on these movements you will lose strength in the legs!

So much great stuff happens beyond just making you tired in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Oh sure, you will FEEL this workout, but the real beauty is in the simplicity of the drills, but the power of the movements. When you understand these concepts you not only greatly accelerate your results, but your workouts become so much more meaningful!

That is why you want to check out today’s workout and see how easy great fitness can be to achieve!

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