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The VERY Best Kettlebell & Ultimate Sandbag Exercise

I like to think it is what I do best, connect dots. In all honesty, I don’t look to be controversial, nor do I blindly buy into what is trendy. Sure, it gets me in trouble sometimes, but what is the point in doing something if you truly don’t believe in it. That’s why when it comes to helping people have a deeper, not just understanding, but appreciation for our training tools and exercises. Having them connect the dots is HUGE. Especially when you see how this common kettlebell and Ultimate Sandbag exercise will take you to a whole new level of fitness.

It might not be sexy at first, but when you think about it, I KNOW your attitude will change. In both the worlds of kettlebell and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercise options there are so many, so why would this little guy stand out so much? As my good friend/colleague, Troy Anderson, points out, it is because it really is the “linchpin” of both systems.

As Coach Anderson writes, “The great marketing mentor and author, Seth Godin, has a slightly different take on the definition of a linchpin. His interpretation is probably a little more relevant as it pertains to us and is closer to the second definition of linchpin: a person or something vital to an enterprise or organization.”

When you think about choosing a kettlebell or Ultimate Sandbag exercise they tend to eventually lead to the idea that the Clean is the linchpin in both programs. Sure, a foundation is needed in both of building up, but when you get to the “meat and potatoes”, the stuff that gives these tools and systems power, the Clean becomes truly center stage.

Ironically, the Clean seems to get little appreciation in both systems and to be honest, training overall. Maybe because it is easier to do a deadlift with heavier weight, and a snatch, swing, or even MAX lunge looks way cooler. In fact, if I ask many people the most “functional” exercise many often would go with deadlift. However, if you look at life, more often than not, we actually Clean, not deadlift something.

Firefighter Captain, Jordan Ponder, talks about how Cleaning is fundamental to real life. 

Could you imagine if you just deadlifted your child, groceries out of the bottom of your cart, or something you wanted to really pick up and go with? Yea, you end up really Cleaning it!

Now before you get all bent out of shape about thinking of the Clean in the classic Olympic lifting sense, Cleaning weight has been around for a long time. In classic strength training books, a Clean was simply “from the ground to the shoulders in one clean motion.” One arm cleans, dumbbell cleans, and host of cleans were a standard of strength for quite some time. So, why isn’t it the more “go to” move of today?

Both kettlebell and our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training communities can probably relate. For right now I want to focus on the kettlebell community though, really because it is with kettlebells that I got inspired that you could teach these important movement strength concepts for everyday people.
Yes, I am getting old! I can remember when it was taboo to think you could teach every day people the value of power movements, especially something like a Clean. To be fair, trying to teach people the barbell variation was a very frustrating process. Partly due to the mechanics, other parts due to real big issues like lack of wrist mobility.

When I discovered kettlebells in 2002 it felt like my world opened up. No longer did I have those issues and I was able to help my clients use and benefit from these concepts because it was far more accessible. As Pavel Tsatsouline said in his first kettlebell book (The Russian Kettlebell Challenge), kettlebells were the working class man’s (or woman’s) weightlifting.

That doesn’t mean it is less sophisticated, not by any stretch and I think it is THIS idea with one other that has kept people from feeling that the Clean became the under appreciated child of kettlebells.

Many coaches thought that the more complex the exercise, the more valuable it was. I believed the opposite, the exercises I could get my clients doing well the fastest not only made them excited, but opened the door to so much more. Whether it is squatting, lunging, planking, pressing, and so forth, the kettlebell Clean is truly the linchpin kettlebell exercise.


So, even with some realizing this why is it get the roll of the eyes from so many? I believe it is the other issue with the Clean, the ole “whack a wrist!” If there is ANYTHING that keeps people from using kettlebells in 2017 it is the fear that the “whack a wrist” will not only be painful but potentially hurt someone. The truth is that it is REALLY easy to NOT experience this if you do one thing….have a system and a plan!

The biggest responsibility of a coach is to be a problem solver. Unfortunately, we fall prey of doing one of two things. We teach the exercise in the only form we know it, which leads to frustration when things don’t go as planned. The other is that we make things unnecessarily complicated and don’t use other exercises in a progressive manner to teach the concepts we want people to really learn.

That’s why after teaching kettlebell certifications for over 10 years, I wanted to do something that made people excited about not just kettlebells, but how to solve simple problems that really opened themselves up to a much bigger world of training.

So, I committed myself the last several months to work with Coach Anderson to create really definitive course, not just workout program, about the kettlebell clean. Yea, that might sound funny to some, but having given to a few people already, it has already not just changed how they see this exercise, but how they think they can use it!

“…why isn’t the high pull & catch not standard?!!! I’ve never heard anyone mention or teach that. I’ve met so many kb people who will not teach the clean because it’s so “difficult and takes too much time”.

The videos are super detailed, someone would have to work REALLY hard not to understand. I honestly don’t think the clean could be broken down any better. I’m so mad this program wasn’t around when I was beating the crap my wrists years ago?Iol -Jennifer Simmons

“I started using kettlebells in 2007 to improve my conditioning in BJJ and certified as kettlebell instructor in 2008. I have been training and teaching kettlebells to clients since. I have also assisted at certs and courses over the years. The kettlebell clean is one if not the hardest techniques to teach and learn.

A couple of months ago I assisted for Josh at a kettlebell certification. When it was time to teach the clean, Josh demonstrated a small part of his way of teaching the kettlebell clean. I had a sneak peek at what is now the Ultimate Kettlebell Clean Course from Progressive Kettlebell Movement. A week after the cert I had the chance to see if Josh’s method worked with clients. It was the fastest and easiest I ever experienced teaching anyone the kettlebell clean to anyone. Yes, It was used at the cert, but everyone attending had kettlebell experience. My clients didn’t that was the real test.

When Josh asked me for my opinion of his Ultimate Kettlebell Clean Course. I asked him, is it what you taught at the cert? His reply “it’s more then that”. He sent me a copy for my thoughts and opinion. After reading UKCC. I couldn’t believe how much more there is to the program. It does work, I tested on clients and it worked with the participants at the cert. 

There is lot information to learn or teach the kettlebell clean in an easy format. It works, just by following the way the course is laid out.”-Joe Chalakee, Kettlebell Coach

What makes this a course rather than “just another program?” Coach Anderson and I wanted to make this a step by step system where you understand the goal, how to problem solve, and where and how to move people forward. That led us to 2.5 hours of teaching video, over 70 pages of cues, detailed pictures, programs, AND the real explanation of why each exercise can be a solution in your training! Yea, I mentioned workouts, exercises are obviously pieces to the puzzle so we also wanted to give you plenty ideas of how to put the puzzle together.

So, along with Coach Anderson’s innovative Farm Strong program, we have 30 workout programs ready for you to either take your kettlebell training to all new heights, or finally help you find the benefits of this incredible tool HERE.

However, we also wanted to make sure you were well armed with knowledge. For a VERY limited time we are also offering our complete kettlebell and Ultimate Sandbag combo library for a great price. That is SIX programs for a great deal with coupon code “power” HERE.

Here is a small taste of how we are going to be re-thinking the kettlebell clean with this 28 kg complex.